Adding a Client Communication Entry

Often if you correspond and/or speak with your client you will want to record the details of this conversation whether or not it was medically relevant. eVetPractice offers ways to add communications to the patient/client profiles and/or the patient's medical record.


Any time you add a communication entry, you can determine if it should appear on the patient/client profile, the patient's medical record, or both. You can also set your site settings under the Gear Icon so that by default it will already be selected if communications should appear in one or both of these areas.

  1. Navigate to the Gear Icon
  2. Click on the General tab
  3. Scroll down to the "Medical Record Settings" section and click on the title to open the section.
  4. These are the specific settings you have to choose from:
  • If neither of these are checked off, then communication entries will default to only appearing on the client/patient profiles (individual entries can be changed to appear on the medical record).
  • If only the first is selected (as in the example), then communication entries will default to appearing on the medical record electronically only meaning that your staff can see the entries when they view the medical record online, but they will not be printed or emailed on the medical record if you need to send it to someone outside your organization.
  • If both are selected, then by default all communication entries will appear on the medical record in both electronic and printed/emailed forms.

Make sure to save your selections at the bottom of the page once completed.



You can add a communication entry from a few places in the system. Below are the two easiest ways:

Patient's Medical Record or Profile

Client's Profile

Once you click on the link to add the communication entry, the following information will appear:

  1. Display name will be the title of the communication as it appears in the client/patient profiles and on the medical record.
  2. Patient - if you add the communication from the client's profile then you will have the option to choose which patient the communication pertained to if they have multiple patients. You'll also have the ability to not choose a patient if the communication wasn't about just one of the client's patients. Please note that if you do not choose a patient you will not have the option to choose how the communication will appear on the medical record or whiteboard in items #3 and #4. Also, if you add the communication entry from the patient's profile or medical record then it will be automatically assigned to that patient and you will not have the option to change it.
  3. These are the settings discussed in the section above. If neither are selected the communication will not be on the medical record, if the first is selected, it will only show up electronically, and if both are selected then this communication will be on both electronic and printed/emailed versions of the medical record. These will be automatically checked off based on your default settings discussed above.
  4. You can create a whiteboard entry for this communication if follow up is required. Please see this article for more information: Using the Whiteboard
  5. You can specify the type of Communication it was. These types are customizable. For more information on customizing your communication types, please see this article: Creating Custom Communication Types
  6. This is how you communicated with them.
  7. If you choose "By Phone" in #6 then it will ask you to specify the phone number.
  8. This is the editor where you can add your comments on the communication. Many people will copy and paste email correspondence in this section if the communication was via email.
  9. Make sure to click Save once you've completed the entry.


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