Barcode Integration

The ability to link a billable item (package, inventory, procedure, or lab) to a barcode can speed up the process of searching for an item.  This feature can be used on the management screens for each billable type as well as the quick invoicing page and the treatment page.  To search for the item on the management screen cursor would need to be on the box for "Code".

  • We have added the ability to assign a barcode to a billable item (inventory, procedures, labs, and packages).  


  • Once a bar code is assigned to a billable item, you can scan the barcode on any of the search screens to add or lookup the product.  
  • You can choose any barcode scanner, as long as it is a HID (human input device), which means it acts like a keyboard when connected to a computer.  The barcode scanner must terminate the scan with a carriage return and not a tab.
  • We used the following devices when testing: Honeywell Model 1902 (USB) and Intermec SF61 Bluetooth scanner. Not all scanners can read all types of bar codes.  
  • Bar codes can be created using DYMO's Label Designer software or the software that comes with the scanner.  The type of bar code is restricted by the type of scanner you purchase.  

You can also utilize the new patient barcode merge field inside documents.  This allows you to print a barcode that is specific to that patient.  You can then scan the barcode back into the system to bring up the patient's record from the search boxes.

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