September 2016 - Software Updates

eVetPractice Software Updates

Below is a list of enhancements that have been added to the system recently.  If you have any questions regarding the updates, please do not hesitate to contact us by chat, phone, or email.  Thank you for your suggestions and feedback. 

Barcode Integration 

  • We have added the ability to assign a bar code to a billable item (inventory, procedures, labs, and packages).  


  • Once a bar code is assigned to a billable item, you can scan the bar code on any of the search screens to add or lookup the product.  
  • You can choose any bar code scanner, as long as it is a HID (human input device), which means it acts like a keyboard when connected to a computer.  We used the following devices when testing: Honeywell Model 1902 (USB) and Intermec SF61 Bluetooth scanner. Not all scanners can read all types of bar codes.  
  • Bar codes can be created using DYMO's Label Designer software or the software that comes with the scanner.  The type of bar code is restricted by the type of scanner you purchase.  The following is a link that will help you determine what type of bar codes will work best for your practice:


  • You can now view your calendar in full screen mode which expands the calendar to the full width and height of the browser window. 


Communication Types

  • We have added the ability to create custom communication types.  To begin creating custom communication types, go to Settings >Communication Types menu option.


  • You will see a list of system communication types as well as any custom communication types.  System communication types cannot be edited.  If you delete a system communication type, it will remove it from the Communication Type list and will no longer be available to select.  However, eVetPractice will still use a system communication type when automatically assigning a communication type through processes such as emailing medical records or converting a callback reminder, even if it is deleted.
  • To add a new custom communication type, click the "Add Custom Communication Type" link.


  •  Type in the Communication Type. 


  • Your custom communication type will now be available in the Communication Type list to choose from when adding a Communication Entry.



  • Added the ability to dictate how items are added to invoices.  You can now choose to add items to the latest open invoice, group by patient, or group by tax rate.  To set this up, go to Settings, expand the Payment History/Invoice/Estimate Settings section, click the drop down menu next to the "How should the system automatically assign items to an invoice?" and select the preferred option from the list.


Inventory Management

  • When selecting the "Is Dispensable?" option on an inventory item, the Name on the Dispensable Drug Label Details window will automatically pre-fill with the name of the inventory item.
  • Added the ability to set a default refill quantity and to exclude refills from production calculations when refilling the prescription on the Dispensable Drug Label Details window.


Lab Dashboard

  • Added the ability to mark a lab as viewed, or mark it as Not Viewed.  You can also mark a lab as Not Viewed from the Lab Order/Edit page.


Medical Record

  • You can now refill multiple prescriptions from the Prescription History section of the Medical Record.  To refill multiple prescriptions, go to the Prescription History, select all of the prescriptions that you would like to refill, and select the "Refill All Selected" option.


  • The Medical Record PDF printout will now include Declined items.  If you prefer not to include Declined items on the printout, use the "Print Medical Record with Selection" and un-select the items you do not want to print.

Merge Field

  •  Added object pronoun him/her as a merge field option.



  • Added the logic to change the patients sex to Gelding if the original sex is Stallion, or to Female Spayed, if the sex is originally Mare.


  • The On Hand Change report can now be filtered by code and by name.  From the Inventory Management page, type in the code or the name of the item.  Then click the On Hand Change Report link.  The report will filter the results based on the code or name that was typed into the Inventory Management page.
  • Added the Location to the Inventory report excel printout.  


  •  Typing, mouse movements, and clicking within the html editor will now count as activity and will restart the session time out counter.
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