August 2016 - Software Updates

eVetPractice Software Updates

Below is a list of enhancements that have been added to the system recently.  If you have any questions regarding the updates, please do not hesitate to contact us by chat, phone, or email.  Thank you for your suggestions and feedback. 

Anesthetic Monitoring Form

  • Added increments for O2 rate on anesthetic form.  

Calendar - Boarding

  • Added a Boarding View to the calendar that shows your boarding appointments in full calendar view and the ability to filter based on Cage Type. 


  • You can change the color of the cage types by going to Settings > Boarding, and clicking the Pencil to edit a cage type.  Click the Free Color Picker link or type in the color you want. 

Calendar Resources

  • Added the ability to control which calendar resources appear on which days of the week.  
    To begin using the feature, go to Settings > Calendar Resources.  Here you can click each resource and see a drop down list that you can select from to determine which resources should appear on which days of the week.  A couple of things to note:
    • By default, all resources will show all days unless set otherwise.
    • Once set, the resources will stay set unless changed.  This means that if it varies week to week, you will need to adjust it accordingly each week.
    • There is logic to warn the calendar user if they try to schedule something for a resource that isn't available that day.
    • Only employees that are practice managers and practice owners have the option to set this configuration.

 Client Classification

  • Added client classification to default options which will then be used when a client creates their own account or if staff creates one.  If the staff has the classification set during the prompt, then that one will be used instead.

Client Portal

  • Added the ability to let a client schedule an appointment and have that appointment hit the clinic's calendar immediately.  The client can select a time from a list of available time slots on the calendar.  The duration of the appointment is based on the reason chosen, which can be linked to an appointment type.  If there is no appointment type linked to a reason or no reason is selected, the default duration for an appointment is 30 minutes.  The duration of the appointment as well as hours of operation are also used in generating the list of available time slots to avoid overlapping appointments and scheduling appointments when the office is closed.  No overlapping appointments are allowed, so anything blocking off time on the calendar is considered an appointment, with the exception of Boarding appointments and All Day appointments.  When an appointment is created by a client, the created by will show the client’s name.  The message the client can type in will be the appointment’s description.  No provider, resource, or status will be set.
    • For Group Practices that allow appointments to be scheduled for more than one practice, clients will get a practice list drop down to choose the location for the requested appointment.  The practice chosen will drive the appointment reason list and time selection list.
    • To start using this capability, go to Settings > Client Site menu, > Appointments section, and select the option “Allow client to select a specific date/time based on availability.

If you need to change the default duration for the appointment reasons, go to Settings > Appointment Types, edit the Appointment type by clicking the pencil, and change the Default Duration.

To link a reason to an appointment type, go to Settings > Client Site, and under the Appointment Reasons click the pencil to Edit a reason. Then select the Type you would like associated with that reason. 

Once the option is turned on, clients will have the ability to select an available time from a drop down when scheduling an appointment through the client portal.

Communication Entries

  • The number of Communication Log entries listed has been limited to 50 on the Client page.  If there are more than 50 entries, a link will appear allowing you to view the complete list of entries.


  • Added the ability to search for wellness plan packages when searching from an estimate.

Exam Form

  • When viewing or printing an exam form from the Medical Record, sections that allow multiple answers will only show selected options.  Prior to this change all options would show even if not selected. 


  • Demandforce/Vetdata - We’ve partnered with Demandforce, a powerful marketing and communications platform designed to streamline your communications so you can focus on what matters most—your practice and your patients.  For more information you can request a demo by going to
  • ePetHealth - The export process will now send the Primary Provider information instead of the appointment description.  On appointment reminders sent from ePetHealth, the Primary Provider will now show in the Appointment With field.  The appointment description will no longer be used.

 Inventory Management

  • Added an option to “Hide on Medical Record View”.  The item will only be hidden on the medical record view by date or view by date with details.
  • Added an option to “Hide on Medical Record Printout”.
  • Added vial to list of measurements.

 Medical Record

  • Added the ability to select what is printed or emailed out.  To use this feature, click the “Email Medical Record with Selection” option or the “Print Medical Record with Selection” option.  By default, everything is selected.

  • Medical Record Notes will now be locked when being edited by a user to prevent other users from over writing their changes.  The lock is based on user id, so if multiple employees are using the same user id, the changes made by the last employee that saves will be kept. 
  • Added a Medical Record setting that allows you to include the Rx instructions on the Medical Record print out or when emailing the Medical Record.

Merge Fields

  • Added merge fields for patient Markings and patient Tattoo.


  • Added a Patient “Markings” field to the Patient page under the General Information section.
  • Limited the number of patients listed to 25 on the Client page.  If there are more than 25 patients, a link will appear allowing you to view the complete list of patients.  

Patient Referrals

  • Emails sent to the referral doctor and hospital will be recorded in the Communication Log on the Medical Record. 

Payment History

  • Added a message when voiding a payment using an integrated credit card that lets the employee know that voiding the payment in eVetPractice will issue a credit back to the card for the amount of the transaction. 


  • Added a new button on the reminder edit page that allows a reminder to be converted to a communication entry.  Once converted to a communication entry, the reminder will be satisfied.  


  • Patient Report – Added the ability to filter the report by patient status and patient status change date.
  • Sales Report - Added provider name to transaction breakdown list.
  • Accounts Receivable - Added the ability to see who received an email statement so that the clinic can only print ones not emailed.  Also removed the restriction on being able to generate a printed statement multiple times for the same report.
  • Accounts Receivable Report -Added option to “ONLY include open invoices?” on the AR report as a filter option.

Smart Flow Sheet

  • Added the ability to sync providers from eVetPractice to SFS from the Employee Management screen.  Once sync'd, the provider will be returned to us from SFS when services/products are sent back during the visit.  If providers are not sync'd, then it will continue to work as it does today.
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