Speech Dictation Options

Because eVetPractice is web-based, there are many speech-to-text options your practice can explore to make medical note entry and other text-based activities hands-free.

Dragon Medical Dictation

Logan Solutions has verified a path to get Dragon's dictation software and services working well with eVetPractice. Find out more here

Browser-Based Features

Google Speech-to-Text

Available for Google Chrome, regardless of the operating system, Google's speech-to-text tools work best within rich text fields in eVetPractice.



Operating System Features

Windows 10

With Windows 10, there are speech dictation features built right into the operating system. Learn more here on how to use them. 

macOS and iOS

Dictation is also built into macOS and iOS, allowing you to enter exam notes hands-free.


One way to use dictation on an Android device is through Google's Gboard

Other Built-In Tools

Many tablets and other devices offer the ability to use their speech-to-text functionality when typing in eVetPractice fields similarly to how you would use voice to text in a text message. Look through your device's learning materials to discover how!

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