Updating Patient Monitoring Settings

The Patient Monitoring section of the patient medical record lists the Inventory items, Labs, and Procedures you would like to actively monitor for your patients and are configured by species. This article provides instructions on updating existing Patient Monitoring settings.

Before proceeding, you'll need to determine when the inventory item, lab, or procedure should appear in the Patient Monitoring section of the patient record. You have two options:

  • Always show, even if the patient has not received the item in the past
  • Only show when it is on record that the patient has received it in the past (either as a Treatment or manually added historical lab result)

IMPORTANT: You will need access to Settings (). 


  1. Click the Settings icon ().
  2. Select the menu option Patient Monitoring.


  1. Choose the desired species in the Species drop-down menu.


  1. Find the desired inventory item, lab, or procedure in the list you would like changed.
  2. To always show, set “Always Show” to green () and ensure “Active” is also green (). To only show if the patient received the item in the past, set “Always Show” to red () and ensure “Active” is green ().


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