Core Vaccines Monitoring - Overview

Core Vaccines are the vaccines you would like to actively monitor for your patients and are configured by species. Depending on the monitoring options configured, those vaccines will show in the Core Vaccines section of the patient medical record.

You can designate a vaccine to only show if it has been recorded in the patient medical record (e.g. either as a Treatment or manually added).  When configured this way, in the Core Vaccines section the Given and Expires date for that vaccine is provided. The Given date relates to the Treatment/date vaccinated. The Expires date is calculated based on the Animal Control Licensing designation of the inventory item of the vaccine from when it was given.

Additionally, you can designate a vaccine to always show in the Core Vaccines section – even if the patient has not received the vaccination. When a vaccine is configured to always show and you see the Given date as Never, this can serve as an indicator that the patient needs to receive the vaccine, a history needs to be gathered, a related/ multivalent vaccine may cover it, and/or their vaccination log needs to be updated if they received the vaccine elsewhere.

You can click on View Vaccination Log beside the Core Vaccines title to quickly navigate to the patient’s full vaccination log, including manually entered vaccination histories.

Additionally, if the vaccine displays as a hyperlink (underlined in blue), this indicates the vaccine was given within your practice as a Treatment. When clicked, you will be brought to the patient profile view where you can then click the vaccine to see additional details about that particular vaccination treatment.

 The name displayed in the Core Vaccines Monitoring box is the Vaccination name designated on the billable item here  when you click Edit Details:

HELPFUL HINT: In order for vaccines to override each other in the Core Vaccines Monitoring box, make sure your Vaccine Names (shown above) are all the same for each vaccine type. This will keep the Core Vaccines box from showing multiple instances of the same vaccine, such as DHPP 1 of 3, DHPP 2 of 3, etc. and will just show "DHPP Vaccine," which allows each new DHPP vaccine to override the old vaccine in this box.

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