Changing Treatment Prices

eVetPractice allows you to restrict who and how prices can be changed on your billable items. Employee Rights allow you to say who can perform the change while settings on individual billable items allow you to say exactly how they can be changed.



Employee Rights can only be changed by a business owner or manager.

  • Navigate to the Gear Icon
  • Click on Employees
  • Click on the edit pencil next to the employee for which you want to update their price changing rights.

  • Once you are in the employee's profile, scroll down to the Employee Rights section and open it up. There are many different sections, but the two rights below control the employee's ability to change prices. For more information on all employee rights please see this article - Employee Rights

  1. This right will allow the employee to change the price or give a discount on a specific item in Treatments or Quick Invoicing, if the billable item is marked as "Allow Price Change" or is not marked to be excluded from percentage discounts. This functionality is described in the next section.
  2. This right will allow the employee to give an overall discount at checkout for all items not marked as excluded from percentage discounts (discussed in the next section).

If only one of the above rights is selected, the employee will still have the power to change prices either on individual items or only at checkout. Therefore, it is most common to grant both rights or neither right.



On all billable items (inventory items, procedures, labs, and packages) you will see the following three options that will influence a price change:

  1. If this box is checked then the price of the item can be changed on the invoice, but only by people to whom you've granted right #1 in the above section.
  2. If this box is checked, then this item cannot be subject to any sort of percentage discount, despite any rights granted to individual employees. This includes percentage discounts on the item itself, discounts at checkout, discounts set up for individual clients, and group discounts (such as a military discount set up in Client Status).
  3. This is how you can put an overall discount on an item that will show up for all employees when they add it as a treatment. Even if an employee does not have any rights to change prices, if a discount is set up in this section, it will always show up as discounted on the invoice. This allows you to put items on sale without having to grant all employees the right to give percentage discounts.

If you choose not to allow price change and you come across a scenario where you want to change the price of this item on an invoice, you have to go into the billable item and change the price directly on the item or check off "Allow Price Change." Therefore, it is recommended that you "Allow Price Change" on most of your items and control who can do price changes directly in the Employee Rights section discussed above.

Excluding items from percentage discounts can come in really handy. Often times, you have certain clients that you give discounts to on procedures, but not on inventory items. This would allow you to give an overall client discount, but if you exclude all inventory items from percentage discounts, then they will only get that discount on procedures, labs, and packages.



As mentioned above, if you are not allowing price changes on your billable items, then you will have to go into that billable item and change the price (as shown in the figure above). If you want to put an item on sale then you will also need to go in and adjust the exclude from percentage discounts and possibly add a percentage discount on that item.

If your employee has the right to change prices then they will follow the steps below to make price changes:

  • Navigate to the Treatment or Quick Invoicing section from the medical record and add the item at the regular price.
  • Click on that item (it will be a blue hyperlink) and the options below will appear

  1. This allows the employee to change the price per sale unit. Therefore, if this were SMZ tablets, then it would be the price per tablet. In procedures or labs it would be the price of the procedure/lab.
  2. This will allow the employee to change the service fee.
  3. This will allow the employee to give a percentage discount. Please note that even if you have given the employee the right to give discounts at checkout, they will not be able to give a percentage discount on an individual item unless they have the right to change prices.
  4. This will allow you to do a total price override. This comes in handy with inventory items so that you don't have to calculate out the price per tablet + service fee when you know exactly what you want the overall price to be.

Click Save once completed and the price has been changed.

Prices can also be changed at Checkout/Make Payment if the employee has the right to give discounts at checkout.

  • Navigate to the Checkout/Make Payment screen.
  • If your employee has the ability to give discounts at checkout then they will be able to enter a discount in the field below and say what kind of discount it is.

  • Percentage include Service Fee - This will discount the total price of an item including the service fee (recommend since service fee is wrapped up into the price).
  • Percentage - This will only discount the price of the item and then add the full service fee
  • Percentage Increase - This will allow you to charge the client more. This is typically only used if you have used a Client Status to lower the price to cost first.

As soon as you enter the discount, you will see the price change in the payments section and the invoice below will show the original price with the new discounted price for all items not marked to be excluded from percentage discounts.

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