Veterinary Services Delivered Report


The veterinary services delivered report in the system will allow you to see provider production regardless of payment status based on many different criteria. To access the Reports section click Reports in the blue home menu.

To run and/or edit the Veterinary Services Delivered report click on the edit pencil next to it:

From this screen you will have the option to change the name and description of the report, run a new report, and view previous reports:



Click on New Run (as shown in the figure above)

  1. Give that report a name. After it is run it will show up in the Previous Runs section with the name you give it.
  2. Enter the date range in which you would like to see production.
  3. You have some filters that you can use. The first 3 are typically left unchecked, but you can check them off if you wish. Then you can choose from different summaries to include in your VSD report. They will be discussed individually below (in the bullet points following this section).
  4. You can choose to only run the report for a specific provider. If you leave it at "Not Specified" then all providers will be represented.
  5. You have additional client filters if necessary.
  6. You can run the report on only selected species if necessary.
  7. Click Generate once filters have been completed.

  • Tax Summary - Shows taxes collected grouped by tax rate. For example, if you have a separate tax rate for state and municipality, you will see the breakdown here.

  • Category Summary/Category Breakdown - If both are selected they will show up together in one report. The Category Summary shows monies received grouped by billable item type (packages, inventory, procedures, and labs) and then by category within each section. Including Category Breakdown shows the individual transactions


 Once you click Generate, the report will show up. At the top you will see the breakdown on production by provider and then below you will see any summaries you included. This report can be generated into an Excel or PDF document by clicking on the circled links below.

Tax Summary will ONLY include taxable item's towards it overall amounts and Provider Summary will ONLY include items that are not excluded towards Production.

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