Processing Credit Cards Using an Integrated Solution

eVetPractice strives to provide simple, integrative solutions with our partners to make using the system quick and easy for you and your staff. Our payment processing solutions allow you to process payments directly in the eVetPractice system so that you do not have to duplicate your efforts by entering payments into your separate credit card terminal and then into your eVetPractice system.

In order to use one of our payment processing solutions you must first have an account with the company and then follow the quick setup process in our system using one of the articles below:

Bluefin Setup and Instructions

Vantiv Setup and Instructions

Gravity Setup and Instructions

Once you have set up your account it is important to note that any payment type listed as a credit card will prompt you to use your credit card swiper to take that payment. To review your payment types, click on the Gear Icon, and then Payments.

As you can see above, we often recommend that you enter something like Care Credit as a cash option so that you will not be prompted to use your swiper. There is little difference in the Payment Types in our system. Selecting Credit Card just means that you will be prompted to use your swiper, selecting Check means that you will be prompted to enter a check number, and selecting Cash will allow you to simply process the payment without additional information being required.

Once you have set up your payment processing integration in our system and you have received your credit card swiper/terminal from our partner, you are ready to take credit card payments. There is no software required; simply plug your swiper into the USB port and take your first payment or set up your Dejavoo Swiper in the Payments section as described in the set up article.



  • Navigate to the client's profile and click "Make Payment." Note: You can also get to this section by clicking on Checkout on Quick Invoicing or "Checkout Client" from the patient's profile or medical record in the Patient Quick Links Section

  • Once you are on the Make Payment/Checkout screen choose your credit card payment type
  • Then you must place your cursor in the Credit Card Track field if using a USB swiper. Otherwise choose the correct terminal.
  • Once your cursor is in this field, you can swipe the credit card.
  • You will see many asterisks appear in this field which means it was swiped correctly. If you do not see any asterisks appear then it is because your cursor was not in the Credit Card Track field.

If using a Dejavoo Terminal:

  • Now you can click Process Payment. If you are using a USB swiper, the payment will immediately process. If you are using a Dejavoo Terminal eVetPractice will communicate to your selected Dejavoo terminal how much money it needs to process and you will be prompted to do so on the terminal and collect a signature if you've set up your machine to require one.
  • Once the payment is processed, you will see a Transaction ID on the payment history (receipt).  That ID is a way to link the payment to our partner's payment portal reports.  If any errors occur during the process, they will be displayed on the eVetPractice screen (ex. CARD DECLINED, CARD NOT READABLE, etc…).




This is the process you will use if someone calls in a credit card number. The instructions are very similar to the instructions above.

  • Navigate to the Make Payment/Checkout screen.
  • Choose your payment type
  • Put your cursor in the "Credit Card Track" field.
  • You will have received a keypad with your swiper. Enter the information directly into that keypad.
  • Once all the required information has been entered you will see the asterisks appear in the Credit Card Track field.
  • Process the Payment.



  • Navigate to the Make Payment/Checkout screen.
  • Choose your payment type
  • Choose the correct terminal
  • Process Payment
  • The selected terminal should prompt you to swipe the card. Instead, enter all the information manually using the keypad and complete the transaction.



Occasionally you may find that you process a credit card payment outside of the eVetPractice system. This will be because you either used our partner's mobile app (very common for mobile practices) or because you used their internet portal.

  • Process the payment using their portal or mobile app
  • Once the payment has been successfully completed you will need to mark that a payment has been received in the eVetPractice system.
  • Navigate to the Make Payment/Checkout screen.
  • Choose the payment type
  • Click "Yes" on Skip credit card processing
  • Process Payment



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