Anesthetic Monitoring Form Setup and Use

Anesthetic Monitoring Form Setup and Use

The Anesthetic Monitoring Form (AMF) allows veterinary staff to record vital signs, indication agents, pre-meds, and emergency drug live time during surgical procedures.

*It is important to note that this is only a monitoring form. Nothing on this form will be automatically transferred to the treatment/invoice.

Most of these items are not billed separately and are a part of a sedation and/or surgery package so this is the reason the AMF does not automatically transfer items to a treatment/invoice. Automatically transferring these over to the treatment/invoice as charges would potentially cause clients to be double charged. 


To enable the AMF, navigate to the General tab under the Gear Icon and scroll down to Medical Record Settings and check off "Enable Anesthetic Monitoring Form." 



  1. Navigate to the Gear Icon
  2. Click on Anesthetic Setupmceclip1.png
  3. Click the green "+" sign to add new drugs to each section.

The screen below will appear:


  1. Search by inventory code, name, or category to add to drug to the AMF.
  2. A default dose can be added in this section. *this will be in a mL given amount. The system will know the measurement based off the way the item is set up in inventory and will display it correctly once then click Save.
  3. Choose the default route(s). If a drug can be given in multiple routes hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and click on multiple routes. Then Save.

Emergency Drug, Emergency Fluids, and Other Meds allows staff to enter default concentrations as well, that way if the staff needs to use these drugs quickly the staff already has the doses correctly calculated. Typically Premeds and Induction drugs are filled out prior to the surgery takes place so the form is not designed to calculate those doses for staff.


Once the staff has entered in all the drugs the form is automatically saved. The form can be removed or the drugs edited at any time by clicking on the red "X" or edit pencil respectively.


To access the AMF the staff must first navigate to the patient's medical record. Scroll down to the beginning of the medical record and click on the following links below based on the view of the medical record.






Once the staff has opened the AMF, they may be asked to verify the patient's weight and then the staff will see the AMF on this screen:


  1. The basic information on the client and patient is entered automatically from the record.
  2. Information on the surgery can be edited using the fields provided.
  3. Each group of drugs can be removed that were not used by clicking the red "X", update drugs used by clicking on the edit pencil (to update dose), or add new drugs that were not defaulted on the AMF by clicking on the green "+" sign and filling out all these fields. Staff can also update the Bottle # for each drug by clicking on the edit pencil of that drug.
  4. Once the staff has given a drug click on the white check mark. It will prompt the staff to enter their employee PIN and then click record to mark the drug was given.
  5. Once all Premed and Induction drugs have been given and the patient is good to begin surgery, click on the check mark under Logged to indicate that you have given approval for surgery.
  6. Click on each clock to indicate that anesthesia and surgery has begun or has ended.
  7. Here the staff can enter the patient's vitals for each time period during the surgery by clicking on the green "+" sign. Click the plus sign the screen below will appear where the staff can update as many or as few of the vitals as they wish and then click save. As many vital sign reading can be added to each section as needed throughout the procedure.mceclip7.png
  8. These sections are exactly like the Premed and Induction sections and can be logged as well. *Note: The volume has been calculated for ease of use.

Once the staff has completed the form they do not have to save. It will look like the form below once completed:


Some of these section(s) can be edited after surgery, but if the entry has already been initialed or logged off, they will have to be re-initialed. This form is designed to be used during surgery and most clinics prefer using it on a tablet. However, the edit pencils allow the staff to change the times so that they can fill out the form post-surgery.

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