Creating a Manual Reminder

Most of your reminders can be attached to a billable item because there is a set rule on when the patient needs to come back for another procedure. However, occasionally you will have a reminder that really depends on the patient itself and not on exactly what procedure was performed on them or which inventory item was given. Examples of these would be checking on bandages, hock injections, or any other item that depends on the state of the patient and/or the severity of the injury.

To add a manual reminder or a callback, you need to go to the reminders/Callbacks section of either the client or patient profile. The easiest way to do so is to navigate to the medical record and click on "Create Callback" or "Create Reminder" on the right side of the page


This will bring up the following screen:

  1. Description - This is the description that will be shown on the reminder. If this is an external reminder (General, Wellness, or Recheck), then this is what your client will see on their email/postcard/SMS reminder. If it is an internal reminder (Callback), this is what your staff member will see on their callback report.
  2. Existing Setup - This is where you could attach the reminder to an existing reminder setup. This is hardly used when creating manual reminders as typically these reminders would be added by a procedure and not manually.
  3. Type - This is where you decide if it should be an external reminder (General, Wellness, or Recheck) or an internal reminder (Callback). The question is should this be sent to my client (external) or should I have a staff member call the client (internal).
  4. Time Period - This is where you can set up when the reminder is due. You can manually set the dates by choosing "Manual," or you can set it by the number of days by clicking "Days," or you can use of the preset time frames in the drop down list. Once you choose your time period, the screen will look like this:


  1. Start Reminding - if you are sending automatic emails via the Nightly Tasks, this is when they will get the first email letting them know the name (defined in the Description section above) and the due date of the reminder (defined below in "Due Date"). You can change this date if you would like them to get the reminder sooner or later than the date that was prefilled.
  2. Due Date - This is the date the email/postcard/SMS will say that the reminder is due.
  3. Stop Reminding - This is the date that the reminder is considered overdue. An overdue reminder will show up in the expired reminders section of the patient record and will show up with an exclamation mark in the reminders box on the patient highlights section. No further automated emails will be sent for expired reminders; however, they can be pulled on reports.
  4. If you only need to create 1 reminder, click Save
  5. If you need to create more reminders, click "Save and Create Another."

 For more information on distributing your reminders and utilizing the reminder system, please see this article: Reminder System Overview

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