Reminder System Overview

eVetPractice offers you many different ways to send out appointment and patient service reminders. For patient service reminders, you can attach them to inventory, procedure, and lab items as well as create them manually. To create your reminders please use these articles:

There are 4 types of reminders that you can either attach to billable items or create manually:

  1. General
  2. Wellness
  3. Recheck
  4. Callback

General, Wellness, and Recheck reminders are external reminders, meaning they should be sent to your clients. Callback reminders are internal reminders, meaning they should be used to remind your staff to callback a client.

There are many different ways to distribute your external patient service reminders and appointment reminders:

For internal callback reminders, you will need to run a report of all your call back patient service reminder types - Running the Callback Reminders Report

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