Changing the Ownership of a Patient

Often when a patient is adopted out or sold, you will need to change the owner of the patient while maintaining their existing medical records.

Note:  Invoices and Payment History are not transferred when patient ownership changes.  Payment history will continue to show on the client that originally made the payments.  Invoices can be transferred by using the "Transfer Invoice" link on the invoice.

To change the patient ownership:

  • Add the new owner as a new client if they do not already exist in your system. You do not need to enter a pet for the client at this time. For more information please see this article - Adding a New Client
  • Navigate to the General Information tab of the patient's record. 
  • Scroll down and click on the General Information section.
  • Click on Change next to Owner.


  • The following screen will pop up where you can click Add New Owner.


  • Search for the new owner that was previously added and then click Add.


  • The following screen will appear where can you adjust the percentage ownership if there are multiple owners or change the new owner to having 100% ownership and removing the old owner:


  • Click Save when you are done.

You have now changed the ownership of this patient.


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