Creating a Newsletter Style Email Template from a PDF File

Many practices like to create newsletters using PDF files and send them out to their clients on a regular basis. Using eVetPractice's email templates you can create these newsletters and embed your PDF files to send to your clients.

First you must create your newsletter and save it as an image file. This will need to be done outside of the eVetPractice software. Once you have your image files for each page, you will need to open them in your photo editing software and resize them. We use and recommend a program called Snagit, but any photo editing software will work. A free option for Windows users is (

We recommend resizing your images so that they are no wider than 800 pixels. Height does not matter.

Once you have resized your images and saved them to your computer, you can add them to your email template:

  1. Go to the Settings gear icon > Email Templates menu.
  2. Click "Add a New Email Template"
  3. Give the newsletter a name. This will be the name you see internally.
  4. Give the newsletter a subject. This will be the subject of the email that your clients see.
  5. Insert the previously created image by performing a copy/paste into the template editor, or by clicking on Insert menu > Image, then browse to the saved image file.
  6. Add additional images and resize files as needed.
  7. Click Save.

Now your Email Template is ready to be sent to clients. To do so you will need to run a client report, click Send Mass Communication, choose this email template, and click process as outlined in this article: Sending a Mass Email to Clients

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