Entering and Printing Rabies Information

eVetPractice allows you to configure exactly how you want to handle your rabies tags and certificates. In order to use these features, you must first enter your rabies vaccine as a billable item. Please use this article for help with configuring the item: Adding a New Vaccine



Under the General Settings section you can choose when you want to be prompted (if at all) to enter a rabies tag:

  • Navigate to the Settings Menu (Gear Icon).
  • This will automatically bring you do the General Tab, scroll down to Medical Record Settings and open that section


If any of the prompt options shown above are selected:

  • You will be prompted to enter the rabies tag when you first enter it as a treatment if you choose the first option - "Automatically prompt for rabies tag number during entry"
  • You will be prompted to enter the rabies tag at check out if you choose the second option - "Automatically prompt for rabies tag number at checkout"
  • If the item is converted from inventory to a treatment, you will be prompted for tag numbers.

Click Save once you have selected how you would like to be prompted.



  • In the same area referenced above, you can also configure if you would like your rabies certificate to print when you first enter the vaccine as a treatment.

  • If this is checked off, then as soon as you enter the treatment and are prompted for the tag number, the rabies certificate will print.
  • If you prefer that the certificate be printed/emailed at check out then you do not need to check off the box.
  • To configure whether the certificate is printed/emailed/both scroll down to the Payment History/Invoice/Estimate Settings section under the General Tab (the section we are currently in).

  • In this section, the rabies certificate is considered a "handout" and you can choose if you want it printed, emailed, or both by default. We recommend choosing "Print and Email receipt and handouts" if you believe your clients may want one or the other, as it is the easiest way to give them the option of print or email.
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