Refilling Prescriptions

When a patient has been given a treatment in the past that was marked as having refills, there is an easy way to refill that prescription in the future.

Please note that in order for an inventory item to have a Rx label and therefore refills, the inventory item must be marked as "Is Dispensable." To check go to Inventory, click on the edit pencil next to the item in question. Then check to make sure the box below is checked off.

Then in order to refill the prescription, you must make sure that when you initially dispensed that item as a treatment that you marked it had a certain number of refills:

Once you have ensured that you have dispensed the Rx item correctly, you can now easily refill this item the next time your client comes in.



  • Navigate to the patient's medical record
  • Scroll down and click on Prescription History

  • Open this section
  • Click the checkbox of all prescriptions that you would like to refill.
  • Click "Refill All Selected"

  • You will be asked to confirm that you want to refill these prescription(s). Click Yes. This will automatically place those items on the invoice.
  • To print a new Rx label you can click "Go to Treatment." From here you will see all the prescriptions you refilled. Click on individual items and you will see that all the previous Rx instructions are inserted, but there is one fewer refill left and it reflects the current date as the service date.

  • From here you can check out the client like normal.
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