Creating a Recurring Appointment

Once you begin entering an appointment in the system you can set it to be a recurring appointment. To get started with creating your appointment, please use this article: Scheduling Appointments in the Calendar

To make the appointment a recurring appointment, you must first mark that it is a Repeat:


When you do this the following window will appear:


  • Repeats: Allows you to set the repeat schedule. Choices include daily, every weekday, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.
  • Repeats every: This allows you to drill down the recurrence even more if the options above were not exactly what you needed. For example, if you need something to occur every other month you could choose "Monthly" under Repeats and then this field will allow you to say every 2 months.
  • Repeat on/Repeat by: This field will change depending on if you have chosen weekly or monthly view. If you have chose weekly then you will see "Repeat On." This will allow you to specify which days of the week this appointment should recur. If you have chosen monthly then you will see "Repeat by." This will allow you to say repeat by a certain day of the month or a certain weekday (like the second Tuesday of each month).
  • Starts on: When should the first of the recurring appointments begin (this will default to the day of the original appointment).
  • End: Here you can specify if there should be a certain number of occurrences or if it should just recur until a certain date. You could set this date very far into the future if you did not want it to ever stop recurring.
  • Summary: This will tell you in words exactly what you have scheduled so there is no confusion.


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