Linking Billable Items

eVetPractice allows you to link certain billable items together so that when you add one as a treatment, the other will automatically be added as well. It is important to note that you can only link one item at a time. If multiple items need to be linked, then you would need to create a package. Possible links include:

  1. Linking an inventory item to another inventory item (i.e. having a morphine injection in your inventory and linking it to a syringe so that anytime you go to add a morphine injection a syringe will automatically be taken from inventory).
  2. Linking a procedure to an inventory item (i.e. linking an Anal Glad expression procedure to a glove out of inventory).
  3. Linking a lab to an inventory and/or a procedure (i.e. preforming a snap test and linking it to the test out of inventory and an exam out of procedures).

As you can see in the examples above, this can be very beneficial in adding charges quickly and maintaining correct on hand amounts for all of your inventory items.



  • Navigate to your inventory/procedure management screen and click the edit pencil next to the item you want to link to another inventory item

  • Scroll down to the linking section

  • Linked Inventory Item: Start typing the name of the inventory item you would like to link. Using our example above, you would start typing in the word "syringe" and you will see it come up as an option. Click on the item you want to link.

  • Next you will need to choose the default link quantity. In our example above, you would enter a 2 in this field if every time you pull this injection you want it to pull 2 syringes. If you leave the field blank it will simply default to pulling only 1 item.
  • Click Save when you are done and close the item.

Now whenever you pull this item as a treatment, the syringe will be pulled as well:



Labs are a little different that inventory items and procedures. Instead of only being able to link to only one inventory item, you can link to one inventory item and one procedure. The process is pretty much the same, except you will see a new field that allows you to link a procedure:

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