End of Shift Report

The end of shift report will allow you to see all monies brought in since the last time the report was run, or if it is the first time the report is being run it will be for the past 24 hours. To access the Reports section click Reports in the blue home menu.

To run and/or edit the end of shift report click on the edit pencil next to it:

From this screen you will have the option to change the name and description of the report, run a new report, and view previous reports:


  • Click on New Run (as shown in the figure above)
  • The report will run automatically and show all information since the last report was ran

This report can be used to balance your credit card machine back report to your reported sales in the system, balance your cash till, and make sure your check deposits in hand match what is recorded in the system.

If you make a mistake, you can always delete an end of shift report, then the next time you run the report, it will be from the last non-deleted report.

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