Creating a Document Template

Document Templates allow the clinics to create customized documents that are client facing and could automatically pull client, patient, and practice specific information generated. To get to the Document Templates section go to the Gear Icon>Document Templates


From the Document Templates section the clinic can create new documents or edit the existing pre-loaded ones. There are several different types of documents that come standard with the system. The clinic is welcome to replace them with more customized versions.

  1. Account Balance / Invoice - This will be used whenever the clinic will print or email a client’s account balance or a specific invoice.
  2. Client Welcome Letter - This will be used whenever the clinic emails a client the Welcome Letter at the time of creating them a username and password to the Client or “welcoming” to the practice, giving them their log in information and instructions and practice protocols.
  3. Estimate - This template will print or email when an estimate or treatment plan is generated.
  4. Patient Health Report Card - This will be used when the clinic prints or emails the patient Exam Form results.
  5. Patient Report (Check-In Report) - This is the sheet that the clinic print each time a patient appointment is checked in.
  6. Payment History/Receipt - This is the template used when the clinic prints and/or emails a client's payment history or receipt for a visit.
  7. Rabies Certificate - By default the system will use this template provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). However, the clinic can create a Document Template with their own customized rabies form instead.
  8. Not Specified – The clinic will select this type for any other document that is not used for the specific reasons above (ex: consent forms).


  • From the Document Template Management screen select "Add a New Document Template"mceclip1.png
  • The following screen will appearmceclip2.png
  1. This will be the name of the document as it will appear in the medical record (required field).
  2. This is where the clinic will select the type of document template it is as referenced above (Invoice, estimate, etc.)


  1. This is asking if they will allow edits when someone pulls up this template in a patient record. *The rule of thumb is that if the form requires any information to be inputted (such as the best number to reach the client that day), then the document must be editable. But, if it is only being used for documentation or to have a customer sign off, then the document does not need to be editable.
  2. If the clinic would like to have this document stored in the medical record then check off this option.
  3. This is the toolbar section of the document template editor. The clinic will find that it works similarly to word processors they may be accustomed to using. They can use these functions to format the text, spacing, insert tables, etc.
  4. This option allows the clinic to insert one of their documents stored in the General documents section within the system.

*Typically this will be used to insert the clinic logo. When they click this button will give the option to select which document they want to insert, then click "Insert." The clinic can also choose to insert the document as a link for their clients to click on if they email the document template.

  1. (Note this is at the bottom of the screen) This is where the clinic can see which documents they have available to insert into this template. They can add a new document here if they wish.
  2. This is the merge fields tab. The clinic can insert client, patient, and practice specific information automatically when the form is generated. Whenever the merge field is inserted on the document template it will show up in between percentage signs and will be treated as the word that will replace it when the form is generated. (For example: "Hello %clientfirstname%, we are looking forward to seeing %patientname% on %visitdate%!" will look like "Hello Megan, we are looking forward to seeing Patch on July 20!") 
  3. This is where the clinic can enter the body of your document. They can copy and paste (CRTL V) from documents stored on their computer, but note they may need to edit the formatting as it does not always copy and paste exactly as it appears on their document.
  4. Click save when completed.

 *Please be aware that having multiple tabs open within the same browser while using eVetPractice and/or editing document templates can cause issues with information not being saved correctly or at all.  Please use eVetPractice within multiple browsers vs multiple tabs of the same browser.

  Please note, if the clinic would like to accept an electronic customer signatures on a document template, they can use the %clientsignature% merge field. Place the merge field on the document where they would like the client signature to appear. Then when the document is generated in the patient record, the system will prompt the staff at the document to “Sign Document."





Here is a list of all merge fields that can be used in Document Templates currently.  Please be aware that if the merge field has a "*" next to it that means the merge field will only work in specific contexts. Text in bold dictates if they are specific to certain document template types.

 Practice Name: "%practicename%"

Practice Address: "%practiceaddress%"

Practice Ship Address: "%practiceshipaddress%"

Practice BillTo Address: "%practicebilladdress%"

Practice Phone: "%practicephone%"

Practice Fax: "%practicefax%"

Practice Emdail: "%practiceemail%"

Practice Website: "%practicewebsite%"

Practice Facebook: "%practicefacebook%"

Client ID: "%clientid%"

Client Title: "%clienttitle%"

Client First Name: "%clientfirstname%"

Client Last Name: "%clientlastname%"

Client Name: "%clientname%"

Client Company Name: "%companyname%"

Client Email: "%clientemail%"

Client Username: "%clientusername%"

Client Address: "%clientaddress%"

Client Phone: "%clientphone%"

Client Signature *: "%clientsignature%" - Will only function on Estimate and Patient Type Documents.

Client Referring Veterinary Clinic *: "%clinicreferral%"

Client Second Owner First Name *: "%secondownerfirst%"

Client Second Owner Last Name *: "%secondownerlast%"

Client Second Owner Email *: "%secondowneremail%"

Patient Barcode: "%patientbarcode%"

Patient ID: "%patientid%"

Patient Name *: "%patientname%"

Patient Breed *: "%patientbreed%"

Patient Species *: "%patientspecies%"

Patient Age *: "%patientage%"

Patient DOB *: "%patientdob%"

Patient Sex *: "%patientsex%"

Patient Sex (His/Her) *: "%patientsexadj%"

Patient Sex (his/her) *: "%patientsexadjl%"

Patient Sex (He/She) *: "%patientsexpro%"

Patient Sex (he/she) *: "%patientsexprol%"

Patient Sex (Him/Her) *: "%patientsexobjpro%"

Patient Sex (him/her) *: "%patientsexobjprol%"

Patient Weight *: "%patientweight%"

Patient Color *: "%patientcolor%"

Patient Tattoo *: "%patienttattoo%"

Patient Markings *: "%patientmarkings%"

Patient Rabies Tag *: "%patienttag%"

Patient Microchip *: "%patientmicrochip%"

Patient Photo *: "%patientphoto%"

Patient Future Appointments *: "%patientappts%"

Patient Highlights *: "%patienthighlights%"

Patient Reminders *: "%patientreminders%"

Patient Expired Reminders *: "%patientexpreminders%"

Patient Monitoring *: "%patientmonitoring%"

Patient Core Vaccines *: "%patientcorevaccines%"

Patient Recent Treatments *: "%patientrecenttreatments%"

Patient Whiteboard Items *: "%patientwhiteboard%"

Patient Medications *: "%patientmedications%"

Patient Medications with Instructions*: "%patientmedicationsinstructions%"

Patient Age & Weight *: "%patientageweight%"

Patient Active Wellness Plan *: "%wellnessplan%"

Patient Active Wellness Plan w/details *: "%wellnessplandetails%"

Patient Alerts *: "%patientalerts%"

Patient Master Problems *: "%patientmpl%"

Patient Diagnoses (last 10) *: "%patientdiagnoses%"

Reminder Description *: "%reminderdesc%"

Reminder Description without Date *: "%reminderdescwithoutdate%"

 With the exception of Tag and Microchip, rabies merge fields will only work with Rabies Certificate Type Documents

Rabies Cert - Patient Photo *: "%rabies_patient_photo%"

Rabies Cert - Tag *: "%patienttag%"

Rabies Cert - Microchip *: "%patientmicrochip%"

Rabies Cert - Vaccine Name *: "%rabies_vacc_name%"

Rabies Cert - Date Vaccinated *: "%rabies_date_vaccinated%"

Rabies Cert - Next Vacc. Due By *: "%rabies_next_due%"

Rabies Cert - Manufacturer *: "%rabies_manufacturer%"

Rabies Cert - Serial Number *: "%rabies_serial_num%"

Rabies Cert - Vaccine Expiration *: "%rabies_vacc_exp%"

Rabies Cert - Vaccine Type *: "%rabies_vacc_type%"

Rabies Cert - Dosage Type *: "%rabies_dosage_type%"

Rabies Cert - DVM Name *: "%rabies_dvm%"

Rabies Cert - DVM State License Number *: "%dvm_state_license%"

Rabies Cert - DVM National License Number *: "%dvm_national_license%"

Rabies Cert - DVM Signature *: "%rabies_dvm_signature%"

Rabies Cert - USDA License Period *: "%rabies_usda_license%"

Rabies Cert - USDA License Expiration Date *: "%rabies_usda_license_exp%"

Rabies Cert - Tag Issue Period *: "%tag_issue_period%"

Rabies Cert - Tag Issue Date *: "%tag_issue_date%"

Rabies Cert - Next Tag Issue Date *: "%next_tag_issue_date%"

Rabies Cert - Animal Control License *: "%rabies_aclicense%"

Rabies Cert - Weight *: "%rabies_weight%"

Appointment merge fields will only populate information when used on Check in Sheet type Document Templates

Appointment Date *: "%visitdate%"

Appointment Date (no time) *: "%visitdateonly%"

Appointment Description *: "%visitdesc%"

Appointment Description (Include Extra) *: "%visitdesc_includeextra%"

Appointment Provider *: "%visitprovider%"

Appointment Type *: "%visittype%"

 Estimate merge field will only work with Estimate Document Type Templates

Estimate *: "%estimate%"

 Invoice merge field will only work with Account Balance/Invoice Type Templates

Invoice *: "%invoice%"

Payment History merge field will only work with the Payment History Type Template

Payment History *: "%paymenthistory%"

 With the exception of Patient Health Report Card (Patient Highlights), the Patient Health Report card merge fields and exam merge fields will only work with Patient Health Report Card Document Types

Patient Health Report Card (Patient Highlights)*: "%patienthighlights%"

Patient Health Report Card (Vital Signs) *: "%vitalsigns%"

Patient Health Report Card (Summary) *: "%examsummary%"

Patient Health Report Card (Exam Answers) *: "%examanswers%"

Patient Health Report Card Date *: "%examdate%"

Patient Health Report Card Date and Time *: "%examdatetime%"

Exam Summary *: "%exam%"

Exam Answers *: "%examanswers%"

Exam Summary + Answers *: "%examsa%"

Exam Provider *: "%examdr%"

 Current Date *: "%MMMM_dd_yyyy%"

Current Time *: "%hh:mm_tt%"

Active Provider *: "%activeprovider%"

Active Provider License *: "%ap_license%"

Page Break: "%pagebreak%"




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