Accounts Receivable Report

Accounts Receivable Report

The accounts receivable report will allow clinics to see clients with outstanding balances whether the invoice is opened or closed as well as generate statements to clients via email or print to mail. 

To access the accounts receivable report go to the Home screen then click on Reports.


To run and/or edit the accounts receivable report click on the edit pencil next to it:


From this screen there is an option to change the name, description of the report, run a new report, schedule run(s) and view previous reports:



  • Click on New Run (as shown in the figure above)mceclip3.png
  • Report Run Name* (required name)- This will be the name on the report when viewing previous runs
  • Use Date Range? The clinic will have the option to manually enter a time frame the report will run for.
  • Overdue Period: choose a time frame based on the clients aging period their balance (All) includes everyday balance no matter the age, today's balances (Current), 1-30 days, 31-60 days or greater than 90 days.
  • Minimum Balance: search will be performed on balances greater than the amount entered.
  • Include accounts with a credit? If the client’s account has a credit versus balance these accounts will also appear on the report
  • Show grouped by provider? Based on the provider on the invoice(s).
  • Exclude open invoices? The report will NOT reflect invoices with a status of “Open”
  • ONLY include open invoices? The report will EXCLUDE invoices in “closed” status and only include invoices in “open” status
  • Client Classifications: If utilized the report can be filtered by specific client classification(s) selected.
  • Client Statuses: If utilized the report can be filtered by specific client status
  • Click Generate once filters have been selected.mceclip4.png
  • Once the report has generated the screen above will generate where the report can be viewed, printed to PDF, or converted to an Excel Spreadsheet.


Clinics also have the ability to generate statements to PDF or email statements to selected clients from the generated report. Clinic have the option(s) to “Check ALL”, “Uncheck ALL” or “Check All emails not yet emailed.” After selecting the clients the clinic has the option to “View Statements”, “Generate Statements” to PDF, “Email Statements” to clients with email addresses, and “Communication Log for Report” to note in the communication log in the client and patient report

Once the statements are emails the next time the report is ran if the client still has a balance it will reflect they have been emailed with a green check mark to the far right of the report.



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