Usage Report

The usage report in the system will allow you to see how different treatments have been used based on specified criteria over a period of time. To access the Reports section click Reports in the blue home menu.

To run and/or edit the usage report click on the edit pencil next to it:

From this screen you will have the option to change the name and description of the report, run a new report, and view previous reports:


  • Click on New Run (as shown in the figure above)
  • Give that report a name. After it is run it will show up in the Previous Runs section with the name you give it.
  • Enter the date range in which you would like to see treatment usage. The date range is the only required filter.
  • Next there are several optional filters. Hovering over the blue question mark icon next to each of these filters will give you more information on each of them.
  • Once the overall filters have been set up you can further limit the client and patient information.
    • Clicking on the Client Information section will allow you filter the information by the client's county. Please note: this is specifically for your rabies tag reporting.
    • Clicking on Patient Information will allow you to filter by patient species
  • Now you can select which treatments you would like to include on the report from your packages, inventory items, procedures, and labs.
    • Inventory items, procedures, and labs are sorted by category for your convenience.
    • Once you have selected all your filters and selected treatments, click Generate.

The file will take a moment to generate. Once it is finished you will be taken to a screen where you can download the file as a PDF file, Excel file, or view the results in the webpage by scrolling down. Your filters will also be shown on this page:


If the Rabies vaccine is selected to be on the usage report you will see a link to generate rabies certificates:

Clicking this link will allow you to download all your rabies certificates from the vaccinations you gave during the specified time period on the report in PDF format:


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