Utilizing the Lots Feature

In your physical inventory you may find that you have many different Lots with different quantities and/or expiration dates that you need to manage as well as different serial numbers on the same inventory items (i.e. the Rabies vaccine). The eVetPractice system knows to use the oldest Lots first based on their expiration dates when you utilize this feature.

You can add a new Lot to an existing inventory item by clicking on "Inventory" in the blue menu and then clicking on the edit pencil next to the inventory item.

Then click on the check box indicating that the item has Lots:

The Lots menu will automatically pop up when you first check off this box. You can always get back to this menu by clicking "Edit Details" circled above.

Click "Add New Lot" and the screen below will appear:

Enter the required information (shaded fields are required):

  • Quantity - The number of items in that Lot
  • Manufacturer - This drop down list comes from the manufacturers you have listed in Manufacturer Management. Click this article for more information - Manufacturer Management
  • Lot Number - This will either be the Lot Number or the Serial Number.
  • Expiration Date 
  • Cost and Price - If this Lot should have a different cost and/or price than other Lots you can enter it here. If not the cost and price will be derived from the inventory item.



You can easily update existing Lots by going into that inventory item and clicking "Edit Details" next to Lots (shown above). The Manage Lots screen will appear.


Check the box, Include Inactive lots, to view historical lots. This will include lots that have been emptied (zero quantity). The PO Number and PO Vendor columns will be displayed. The Created Date column will also display which shows the date the lot was added based on manual creation or if created by receiving through a purchase order.

  • Click Add New Lot to create a new lot.
  • Click the pencil (pencil.png) to edit a lot. Enter a quantity greater than zero to activate the lot.
  • Click the red X (redx.png) to delete (remove) a lot.



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