Employee Rights

You can limit an employee's access to the system through Employee Roles (see the Employee Roles article) and then narrow down their access even further through their Employee Rights. Employees Roles essentially limit what sections they can see and Employee Rights determine what they can do during their day to day use of those sections.

Employee Rights can be selected upon creation of a new employee and then edited at any time. From the Employee Management screen (under the Employees link in the Setting Menu) select the edit pencil next to the employee whose rights you want to update:

Click on the Employee Rights section:



  • Create and Delete report type is a top level right that allows them to create or delete reports.
  • The other rights determine which reports the employee should be allowed to generate and view.



  • These rights determine what an employee can do within the patient's medical record. Many of these may need to be given to a provider, but not necessarily a receptionist.



  • Checkout rights allow the employee to give discounts.
  • Payment history rights allow the employee to update past records that have already been processed. These rights are necessary when you need to make updates to previously processed payments in the event of a mistake. For more information on voiding and returning items and how these rights may come into play, see the Overview: Voiding vs. Returning once a Payment has been Processed article.



  • Invoicing rights determines what changes an employee can make to an invoice.



  • Deleting records rights - it is never recommended to delete a record, but giving someone these rights would allow them to do so in the event a mistake is made upon creating the record and it needs to be deleted.
  • Merging records rights - these will allow your employees to merge records together for duplicate patients and clients. (i.e. a woman comes in with her pet one day for a service and her spouse comes in another day with the same pet for a different service. Two client records and two patient records are entered instead of one household client and one pet record).

Click save once you have assigned the correct rights.

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