Quick Invoicing

Quick Invoicing is very helpful when you have a client with multiple patients come in for routine items or over the counter purchases. Our new Quick Invoicing feature allows you to edit treatments items (such as price, quantity, or comments) and print prescription labels.


To begin using Quick Invoicing, first ensure it is enabled in your site. Check the Settings Menu (Gear Icon) > General > Payment History/Invoice/Estimate Settings > Enable Quick Invoicing and make sure the box is checked off below: 



You can begin Quick Invoicing for a client in one of three spots:

  • The Quick Invoicing icon shown to the left of the client name in the client record.


  • From the patient record by clicking on "Start Quick Invoicing" in the blue shaded "Patient Quick Links" section.


  • From the client search menu.


Once you open Quick Invoicing from any of the screens above you can then enter the service date and time by clicking on the Service Date field. It will default to the current date and time, but you can change this if you need to. This date will drive any reminders generated from items you add during Quick Invoicing.

Next you can add treatments by patient. In our example below three dogs were brought in for their annual DHLPP vaccine and flea treatment. Please note, all patients associated with the client will show up, but only those patients for which you enter treatments will have their EMR updated by Quick Invoicing.

To edit an item or to print a prescription label, simply click on the treatment item and it will display all the fields you can edit and give you the link to print the Rx label to your Dymo printer.

Clicking "Back To Client" will take you to the client's record which will now show a balance on the account. Clicking "Checkout" will take you to the payment processing screen.

Once you are done with Quick Invoicing Treatments will appear on the EMR and Reminders will be generated and displayed on the EMR.




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