Lab Order Alerts: Management and Guidelines

Lab Order Alerts: Background and Purpose

Lab Order Alerts are a listing of lab orders in eVetPractice that are in a submitted or pending but not closed or finalized status. The Labs Order Alerts section is accessible under the Labs Dashboard:

Depending on the setup and a clinics particular lab integrations, the section containing Lab Order Alerts will be near the top of the Labs dashboard and contain a list of open lab orders that appears similar to this, with some variation existing for different "Types" and "Test(s) Requested, depending on the particular configuration of as clinic:

The intended purpose of the Lab Order Alerts section is to notify practices of open Lab Orders that have not yet received a corresponding lab result.

Deleting Unwanted Lab Results

On occasion, lab orders and subsequent Lab Order Alerts are generated in error or otherwise need to be removed as part of the usual course of clinic maintenance. Removing a Lab Order Alert involves deleting the associated lab order for the patient.

To delete unwanted lab results follow the procedure below:

  • Navigate to the patient's record
  • Click the MR View by Groups tab.
  • Expand the section containing the Lab Result you would like to delete.
  • On the right hand side you will see the red X option to delete the entry.
  • You will be prompted to confirm you wish to delete the results. Click Yes.


Relocating Lab Results

Occasionally you may need to move lab results to the appropriate lab order because the lab result was included with other results that were received, leaving the lab order on your Labs Dashboard indefinitely.  For example, if you have a Lab Alert on your Labs Dashboard, and you have already received the result, you can use this option to remove the lab alert by moving the result to the correct lab order.


To move a lab result:

Go to the Lab Result record and click the pencil to edit the result. You will see an option called "Relocate results into another Lab Order".



Select the "Destination Lab Order" from the drop down, and click "Relocate". This will move the result to the correct order, and remove the alert from the dashboard.



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