Using your MessageMedia SMS Feature

To sign up for an account with MessgeMedia, please contact Message Media's sales department

Once you have your credentials from MessageMedia, you can enable the integration by going to Settings > Integration Settings.  Select 'Enable SMS Integration *' and Save.  Then go to Settings > SMS Setup and enter your MessageMedia credentials and Save.


You are ready to start sending SMS messages!

The client’s phone number must be enabled to receive text messages.  You can either do this when you initially add them or later under their general info screen.  See below.

Once an SMS enabled phone number is added, you can:

  • Send service reminders from the Patient Reminders Report

  • Send appointment reminders from the Appointment Report

  • Send ad hoc text messages as needed from the client page for things like pickup times or surgery updates

  • Send an Appointment Scheduled Confirmation to a client when their appointment is booked. They will be able to click the date to add it to their calendar on their mobile device.  


You can enable/disable this feature through the Gear Icon -> General Settings -> Calendar Defaults.  If enabled, clients will receive a text each time an appointment is made for one of their pets if their number is marked SMS Enabled.





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