Smart Flow Integration Setup and Use


eVetPractice has the ability to integrate directly with Smart Flow. This document explains the configuration setup needed for eVetPractice and the use of the integration. 

Smart Flow integration setup

Enabling Integration

Perform the following steps to enable the Smart Flow integration within eVetPractice.

  1. First, locate your EMR Key from Smart Flow’s system. For details on where that is located, please contact Smart Flow for assistance.
  2. Log into eVetPractice with an account authorized to access practice settings
  3. Click the Setup (gear icon).
  4. Click the General menu. Expand Integration Settings.
  5. Click the checkbox for “Enable Smart Flow”.
  6. Once enabled, a new section will appear labeled “Smart Flow Settings”. Expand Smart Flow Settings section.
  7. Enter EMR Key gathered from Step 1.
  8. Check the boxes beside "Import medical record notes" and/or "Import medical record treatments", if desired.
  9. Click Save button at the bottom of the page (not pictured).

Synchronizing Billable items with Smart Flow

Synchronizing Inventory

Perform the following steps to synchronize inventory with Smart Flow. Similar steps can be taken to synchronize Procedures and Labs as well.

  1. Click the Setup (gear icon).
  2. Click the Inventory menu option.
  3. Choose the category you wish to synchronize.
  4. Click the blue link called “Sync Category with Smart Flow”.
  5. Once complete, you will get a message indicating that the process was successful.
  6. Once synchronization is done for the categories needed, you can go into Smart Flow and complete the inventory setup (see Smart Flow for assistance).

Please Note: If you receive an error, please contact eVetPractice support for further assistance.

Patient Medical Record

Creating Patient Flow Sheet

Perform the following steps to create a patient flow sheet.

  1. Open a patient’s record.
  2. From the Patient Quick Links, click “Create Smart Flow Sheet”.
  3. Once complete, you will get a message indicating that the process was successful.
  4. You can then go into Smart Flow and work with the Patient on the Flow Sheet (see Smart Flow for assistance).

Treatments back into medical record

When recording entries on the Smart Flow Sheet, Smart Flow will automatically transmit the details back to eVetPractice.  If the entry was a synchronized inventory item, the item will be added to the patient’s medical record under treatments.  If the entry was not a synchronized inventory item, the details of the item will be added as a medical record note.

Discharge Documentation

When discharging a patient, the Flow Sheet, the Medical Record listing, the Inventory Report, the tech notes, and the anesthetic sheet produced during the discharge process will automatically be brought back into the patient’s medical record as a PDF document.

The patient's profile photo will also be replaced with any photo taken by the Smart Flow Sheet application.

Additional video

Here is a YouTube video that was put together by Smart Flow that has some additional info:

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