Bluefin Setup and Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: The credit card terminals that are used with Bluefin must be setup by Bluefin with an encrypted injection key before they can be used with the Bluefin integration in eVetPractice. Therefore it is important that you purchase your credit card terminals from Bluefin, as they will have the injection key already inserted into the terminal.  Terminals purchased from 3rd parties will not have this injection key, and will not work with the Bluefin integration.

Before enabling Bluefin integration, it is recommended to disable 'Auto Fill' in your browser settings so that the browser does not try to auto fill information when trying to swipe the credit card info.  Please refer to your browser help to learn how to disable this feature.

In our system, if you go to practice settings, then Payments.  There is a checkbox below called “Use Bluefin Payment Systems”.  If you check that option, a new section will appear below where you can enter account id and API access key.

You probably already have the account id, as that is something they email to you.  It can also be found on your payconex portal.  Hint:  It will contain all numbers, no letters. 

The API Access Key isn’t something they email and is something that you can get by logging into .  Both are required in our system.

After saving, any payment option flagged as a credit card will automatically ask for you to swipe the card on the swiper. 

The system will present a new text box “Credit Card Track”.  That isn’t for you to type into, but to place your cursor in PRIOR to swiping the card or manually typing in card on machine.  All card entries need to be done on the machine they provide and not on our screen.

The machine will then populate the field display here and the process will allow you to continue as usual.

Once the payment is processed, you will see a Transaction ID on the payment history (receipt).  That ID is a way to link the payment to Bluefin’s payment portal reports (  If any errors occur during the process, they will be displayed on the screen (ex. CARD DECLINED, CARD NOT READABLE, etc…).

 For more information on taking credit card payments using our payment processing solutions please see this article - Processing Credit Cards Using an Integrated Solution

The following devices are supported with the Bluefin integration by eVetPractice:  ID TECH M100, ID TECH M130 and the ID TECH SRED

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