Monitoring Ongoing Problems and Medications

Often a patient will need to be monitored for ongoing problems and medications which should be noted in the patient's record for easy reference.  This may be a problem they present with as a new patient or diagnoses or treatments entered by your clinic. eVetPractice offers two great sections that will appear in the patient's highlights:

  • Master Problem List
  • Medication List

There are two ways to put information on these lists:

  • Manually for patients who come in with these issues/medications
  • Automatically for patients in which these problems/medications are diagnosed/prescribed by your clinic


When a client comes through the door and says that their pet has an ongoing problem and/or is taking a certain medication or supplement on a regular basis, you can add it to the patients record.

You can manually add these in from the General Information tab of the patient's record.

  • To add a Master Problem - scroll down to the Master Problem List section and click Create a Master Problem. This is a free field so you can type whatever you need to. You can also enter the Date Onset and Date Resolved, but these are not required. Hit the Save button when done.


  • To add a Medication - scroll down to the Medication List section and click Create a Patient Medication. This is a free field as well. You can also enter the date they began taking the medication/supplement, but this is not required. Hit the Save button when done. 


Once these fields are updated they can be viewed in the patient's record in the highlighted section:

For new patients, these sections are vital to let the veterinarian/technician know of any prior problems or that they are on medication at this time that could potentially have harmful drug interactions or may affect how they treat the patient that day.



You can also update these sections directly from the patient's medical record based on diagnosis/treatments that have been added to the patient's medical record.

  • Master Problem List - To add to this list from the medical record you will need to add a diagnosis to the medical record from your findings during the exam/diagnostic tests. To do so click on the Diagnosis section of the medical record. This will allow you to create a diagnosis from the Diagnosis Codes and then add it to the Master Problem List

  • Medication List - In order to have a treatment you prescribe automatically added to the Medication List, it must be marked as "Is Medication" on the inventory item. Once this inventory item added to the record as a treatment, it will automatically be added to the Patient Medication List that shows up on the patient page. It is important to note that this can only be done in inventory and it is only needed for drugs that truly need to be monitored because of their drug interactions or issues that need to be monitored by the veterinarian. For more information on how to update the inventory item please see this article - Adding an Inventory Item.
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