Sending a Mass Email to Clients

You can quickly and easily send a mass communication email to all your clients for special events, important information, deals your practice has, etc. To do so you must create an email template, pull a client report, then send the email to the people on the report.

 **UPDATE on March 17, 2020 - Due to an increase in emails being sent from eVetPractice, you may see some delays or an error message when sending your report. Please do not send again right away and check the communication log to validate that the emails are still being processed. If you find that the process has stopped, you can try to send the mass communication again from the same report run (do not generate a new run), and have it pick up where it stopped.  We are investigating reports where emails are being sent multiple times and working on a solution.


  • Navigate to the Setting Menu (Gear Icon)
  • Click on Email Templates

  • Click Add a New Email Template

  • Give the email template a descriptive name, give it a subject (this will be the subject line to the email that your clients receive), and fill out the editor with the email you wish to send. Remember that you can personalize the email by using merge fields to enter client name, patient name, etc.
  • Click Save once you have finalized your email.



  • Click on Home to go back to the home screen/calendar.
  • Click Reports
  • Click on the edit pencil next to the Client Report.
  • Click New Run
  • Enter desired Report Run Name. Clear or enter appropriate date filters and add any other filters such as 'Include clients with email only'
  • Click Generate
  • Once the report runs, click on 'Send Mass Communication' link.
  • Choose the correct template and select all emails,  then click on the "Process" button.  Note that the button will not be displayed until you select a template and at least one client in the report to email.

To track the status of the emails that are being processed, you can click on the 'Communication Log for Report' link. Please be aware that it may take longer to send emails based on the number of clients being emailed, but you should see the number increase while it is processing.



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