Scheduling Appointments in the Calendar

Create an appointment on the calendar by clicking on the space on the calendar for that day and time. If you need to jump to a date that is not on the default calendar view, there is a little calendar icon where you can skip to the date you need. You can also click “today” to return to the present date.


Once you click on the correct day and time on the calendar, the appointment scheduling box will appear. Follow the steps below to complete the appointment.



  • Select Appointment Type (yellow shaded boxes are required in the system)
  • Type in the Description for the appointment. Depending on how your site is configured, this description can be used to populate the Reason for Visit on the EMR upon appointment creation or upon certain visit statuses (such as Checked In).
  • Copy description to medical record's reason for visit: If enabled for your site, you can check this box to immediately copy to the patient's medical record as the Reason for Visit entry. 
  • If the appointment is for an existing patient, you can type their name in the Patient box. If not, the "Click to quickly create client and patient" link will allow you to create a new client or patient. Please note: If this is for a new client and patient you will need to fill out all the information. If you are just adding a new patient to an existing client, you can search for that client's name in the Client Search box and select them before adding the new patient information.
  • Adjust the Primary Provider, Status, and Confirm Status, if necessary.
  • Adjust the Start and End times, if needed.
  • By clicking Repeat you can make the appointment repeat as necessary. For more information on creating recurring appointments please see this article: Creating a Recurring Appointment
  • By clicking All Day the appointment will be placed at the top of the calendar so it does not crowd your other appointments.
  • Click Save and it will be on the calendar.


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