Sales Report

The sales report in the system will allow you to see your sales based on many different criteria. To access the Reports section click Reports in the blue home menu.

To run and/or edit the sales report click on the edit pencil next to it:

From this screen you will have the option to change the name and description of the report, run a new report, and view previous reports:



  • Click on New Run (as shown in the figure above)
  • Give that report a name. After it is run it will show up in the Previous Runs section with the name you give it.
  • Enter the date range in which you would like to see your sales.
  • You can choose from the following summaries to include in your sales report

  • Cash Summary - Shows monies received grouped by payment option as well as sales tax collected, discounts, credits, and coupons taken.

  • Discount Breakdown - Shows a breakdown of all discounts given

  • Cashier Breakdown - Shows all the same information as the Cashier Summary, but by individual cashiers (employees).
  • Tax Summary - Shows taxes collected grouped by tax rate. For example, if you have a separate tax rate for state and municipality, you will see the breakdown here.

  • Provider Summary/Provider Summary Breakdown - If both are selected they will show up together in one report. The Provider Summary shows monies received grouped by employee and the breakdown lists out the individual transactions

  • Category Summary/Category Breakdown - If both are selected they will show up together in one report. The Category Summary shows monies received grouped by inventory category, procedure category, and lab category. Including the Category Breakdown shows the individual transactions
  • Provider Category Breakdown - shows monies received by category per Provider.

  • Transaction List/Transaction Breakdown - The Transaction List will show all transactions during the specified time. Including the breakdown will show all billable items associated to those transactions.
  • Check Transactions - This will show all transactions with the payment type of check over the specified time frame.

  • Next you can choose to run the report by a certain cashier or provider by using the drop down boxes shown below:

  • Once all of your options have been selected, click the Generate button shown above.
  • The file will take a moment to generate. Once it is finished you will be taken to a screen where you can download the file as a PDF file, Excel file, or view the results in the webpage by scrolling down. Your filters will also be shown on this page:



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