Configuring Appointment Types

You can configure as many different appointment types as you need in the system in order to organize your schedule most effectively. These can be color coded so that they show up clearly on your calendar.

Click on the Gear Icon in order to go to the Setting section of your site. Once there go to Appointment types.

Your site will come preloaded with several different appointment types that we have found to be the most common. You can activate or inactivate any of these types that you need or do not need by simply clicking on the light under the "Active" column shown below:

You can update existing appointments in order to change their name, color, text color, and duration as well as select/unselect different settings for the appointment.

There are different appointment settings for each appointment type:

  • Check-In report - From the drop-down list, select the check-in report the appointment type should be linked to.
  • Is Boarding? - If this check box is selected, the Type field will display only Appointment Types for Boarding. It will insert the boarding questions into the appointment when it is being scheduled. This will alert the person scheduling the appointment that they need to ask for all the boarding specific information.
  • Has Extra Instructions? - If this check box is selected there will be additional boxes in the appointment for Feeding Instructions, Equipment, and Medications that can be added when the appointment is scheduled.
  • Include with Nightly Tasks (Appointment Reminders)? - If your site is set up to send email reminders and you would like to send email reminders for this appointment type, then you will need to check this box. If you do not send email reminders then this check box is irrelevant. 
  • Exclude from automatic text messaging during appointment creation? - If your site is set up to send SMS messages, but you do not want to send a SMS message for this appointment type, then you will need to check off this box. If you do not send SMS messages then this check box is irrelevant. 
  • Show on Kiosk? - If your practice has a Kiosk set up that will allow clients to check in for their appointment in the clinic, will this appointment type be available to the client on the Kiosk.

 You can also add new appointment types by clicking on "Add Appointment Type" and updating the information discussed above. 




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