Navigating the System Using the Homepage Dashboard

The website is designed for ease of use and intuitive navigation. When you first log into the system you will see the homepage dashboard that contains several quick and easy tools that you can use for your day to day business. Below you will see all the dashboard icons offered by eVetPractice. You may notice that not all these apply to your particular role in the system.

Beginning at the left hand side of the screen you will see your practice's logo. This can be changed by updating your Settings (discussed in the General Settings article). As you  move to the right you will see the date and the time for the timezone in which you are currently logged in. 

Near the upper middle of your screen you will see the Active Patient drop down field. Here you can see the 20 most recent patient records that you have worked in. Next you will see the Active Employee drop down field. Here you can see which employee is logged into the workstation and also change who is currently the active employee. 

Next you will see a series of smaller icons shows below.

Lock IconThis will allow you to change your password by entering your employee pin number.

Clock IconThis is the employee time clock. Here they will enter their pin to clock in and out of the system. This information can then be used for payroll and time tracking purposes.

Price Tag Icon: Quickly check the price on items in your inventory by clicking on this icon. Here you will see the price and how many of the item you have on hand in your inventory.

Gear IconThis will take you to the Setting section of the system. Here you can configure your site, update your billable items, run reports, etc. Please see the additional Settings articles for more information. 

Chat IconBy clicking on this button you can begin a live chat with one of our support team members who can help you in real time with any questions or difficulties you have.

Blue Question Icon: Here you will find helpful hints, the email address for our support team, and the after hours emergency phone line to reach a live support team member 24/7 in the event of an emergency.

Red Power Icon: Click to log out the the system.


Below this you will see the Active Practice and Active Provider sections (if your site is configured with these options) and the search features. These are discussed in the following articles.

Multiple Providers and/or Multiple Locations Dashboard

Search vs. Advanced Search on the Homepage


Finally you will see the Main Menu. This is the menu you will use for the majority of your day to day activities.

Home: This will bring you back to the home page with the calendar, appointment reminders, incomplete appointments, client appointment requests.

Whiteboard: Similar to a dry erase board in your office.  A list of tasks set for the day for all employees.

ClientsThis is your client management section. Here you can search for and update existing clients, create new clients, view account balance information, client documentation, etc.

Patients:  This is your patient management section where the practice will likely spend the majority of their day. Here you can update patient general and medical information and assign billable items for appointments taken by the patient.

Reports: eVetPractice offers many different reports including Patient Reminders, Accounts Receivable, Sales Report, Usage Report, New Clients, and Inventory reports

LabsThis section shows recent lab results. Currently there is one new lab to view in the picture above.

InventoryThis will bring you to the Inventory Management screen. Here you can view, update, and run reports on your current inventory. Inventory Management is discussed at length in other articles. 

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