Cage Types

Cage Types allow you to assign the inventory items that contain your boarding prices to actual cages in your facility. Cage Types and Reservation Types are then combined to allow you to say a patient is in a certain cage type attached to a certain rate that is charged per the reservation type.

In order to update your Cage Types navigate to the Settings Menu (Gear Icon) and click on Boarding:

Click "Add Cage Type"

You will need to fill out the following information for each Cage Type:



  • Name - This is the name of the cage that you will assign to a patient. If one cage has both an hourly and daily rate then you will need to create 2 different cage types and use the name to determine if this is the hourly cage or the daily cage. This is because you can only link the cage to one inventory item with one rate. Therefore, if there are two rates (hourly and salary) you will need to create two inventory items and two cage types.
  • Color - Enter in the name of the color to represent the cage, or, use the link to Free Color Picker to select a color.
  • Text Color - Enter the name of the color of text that will show well against the background color. Use the Free Color Picker link to select a color.
  • Number of Cages - This is the number of this type of cage you have. This does not have to be the exact number if you are not tracking the actual cages in eVetPractice and are just using the system to track cost for invoicing.
  • Number of Overbookings - This is the number of other cages you could use if you run of out this cage. In the example above, we have 5 small dog cages and 2 over bookings. This means that a small dog could fit in 2 other cages (perhaps 2 large dog cages that are not being used for large dogs).
  • Require Cage Assignment - This will not let you go forward in the Boarding reservation until you assign the patient a cage. If you have run out of cages and overbookings, then you will not be able to take the Boarding reservation.
  • Inventory Item - This is where you link the inventory item(s) to the cage type. This is very important because this determines what the price of this cage will be. When combined with the Reservation Type, it determines how many times this price will be charged (based on the number of hours, days, etc.) More than one inventory item can be associated to a cage type. As in the image above, the pricing varies for the dog run based on the weight of the dog.

Click Save.

You can name each cage if you wish by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the cage type and changing the names of the cages. The system will automatically name them C01, C02, etc., but you can change those names if they have different names at your practice. There is no save button on this screen because as soon as you change the name, it will be saved to the database.

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