Merging Two Patient Records

Duplicate patient records do come up at times and need to be merged into so you do not have to view multiple records to get a complete medical history on one patient. This could easily occur as a result from different people bringing in the same patient (e.g new owner) or as a result of merging two client records.Patient_List.pngFor more information on changing ownership of a patient, please see this article - Changing the Ownership of a Patient.

For more information on merging client records, please see this articleMerging Two Client Records.



Note: You must have appropriate rights granted to perform a patient merge. See end of this article on how to grant these rights.

  • Go to the the General Information tab of the patient's record that needs to be merged into the destination record.
  • Expand the General Information section and click the Merge into Another Patient button.


  • Next, search for the Destination Patient record then click the Merge button. Please Note: It is recommended to write down the patient ID of the destination patient record so you are sure you choose the the correct patient in this field.


  • You will get a warning message that this process is not reversible. If you are still certain you want to merge the two patient records click Yes.
  • You will then be directed to the destination record. In the destination record you will see all the information from the record you just merged is present except for the General Information (this stays just as it was with the destination record) and the address information, if applicable.

Granting Employees Ability to Merge Patient Records

  • Navigate to Settings (Gear icon).
  • Select the Employees menu option.
  • Click the edit pencil next to the employee who needs to be able to merge patient records.
  • Expand the Employee Rights section.
  • Check the box beside Ability to merge patient records.
  • Click Save.



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