Address Lookup Management

Using Address Lookup Management you can quickly and easily add common zip codes to the database that will auto-populate city, state, zip code, and county when you enter the zip code in the search bar on the client or patient record.

In order to begin using the Address Lookup feature, you must make sure you are allowing this function in the General Settings Menu.

  • Navigate to the Settings Menu using the Gear Icon
  • Click on the General Tab (typically this will be your landing page so it may not be necessary).
  • Scroll down to Miscellaneous Settings and expand the section

  • Make sure the box next to "Enable Address Lookup" is checked off



Next you will need to add all the zip codes that you want to auto-populate in the client record.

  • From the Settings Menu (Gear Icon), Navigate to Address Lookup

  • Here you will see all the zip codes you have currently set up to auto-populate. You can click the edit pencil to update any of these fields or on the right side of the screen you can activate/deactive a zip code or delete it all together.
  • Click "Add New Lookup" to add a new zip code.

  • Enter all the information requested.

  • You can either click "Save and Close" if you are done entering zip codes or you can click "Save and Add Another" to continue adding more zip codes. Clicking "Close" will not save your work.



When you go to enter an address on the client's record you will see a field called "Search by Zip Code." This is where you enter a zip code you added in Address Lookup Management. Once you enter the zip code, the other fields will auto-populate.

The zip code search feature is on all client addresses (Home, Mailing, and Work). It is also on the Patient Record if you have elected the option to allow patients to have separate addresses than their owners. This becomes convenient if you have a pet horse, but board it at another facility instead of at your home.

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