Adding a New Employee


  • Click on the Gear Icon to go to the Settings Menu
  • Click on Employees in the blue menu


  • This will bring you to the Employee Management screen.
  • Click Add New Employee:


  • This will open the employee creation screen.


First, you'll need to decide whether or not you want the employee to be able to log into the system from anywhere (e.g. from home). 

If you give them login capabilities, they can log into eVetPractice from any computer, at any time, so long as they have an internet connection. Many practices would like to limit some of their employees to only be able to access eVetPractice when in-office only while letting others access from anywhere.

There are two methods available for being able to limit an employee’s access to eVetPractice from the office only: IP Address Filters or Using a Generic Login.

Refer the Limiting Employee Access to In-Office Only via Generic Login and the Limiting Employee Access to In-Office Only via IP Address Filter articles for additional information.

  • If they should login from anywhere and you're using the "Generic Login" method or if you decide to go with the IP Address Filter method, then you check the box next to "Allow Login" and specify a username and password. The first time they login, they'll be prompted to change their password to something different.
  • If using the Generic Login method and they should only be able to access their eVetPractice when they are physically at the practice, you will not check the box "Allow Login" nor give them a username and password. 
  • Since you are creating a new employee, you will likely want to make them Active, so check this box off. Making them inactive will not allow them to use their account in the system. This would typically only be used for terminated employees. It is strongly recommended that you never delete an employee account, only inactivate them upon termination. This way all records of time at your practice are stored correctly. Only delete an account if it is a duplicate account that has never been used.
  • Enter their name
  • Enter their Designation. Employees with the Veterinarian roles will automatically have a DVM placed after their name. If this should be different (i.e. VMD) enter this here.
  • Initials can be used to change the internal Provider description. If no initials are entered here, the Provider will always appear by their full name with their designation in the system. If you do enter initials here then they will only be seen by their initials in the system (no designation). Their full name and designation would still appear on any printed or sent documents.
  • Emails could be used for password retrieval if you forget your password and they can be used for Providers who want to be notified when new appointments are assigned to them. You do not have to turn on this functionality, however.
  • Next assign their employee role. For more information on employee roles please see this article - Employee Roles
  • Indicate whether or not they are a Provider. If they are considered a Provider then any treatments they provide a patient will be reflected under their name in the EMR. (This could include grooming).
  • Enter the employee's PIN. This will be the PIN they use to clock in and out (if applicable), switch to their account if using the Generic Login method or sharing computers, and unlock eVetPractice quickly have the idle timeout configured. It should be a PIN that they can easily remember and that they keep private. Note: PINs should be unique. You cannot have every employee with PIN 1234. A PIN can be comprised of letters and/or numbers and be up to 50 characters long.
  • Enter the State License, National License, and Employee Numbers if applicable.
  • If using the IP Address Filter and the employee should be excluded from IP Address Rules (e.g. can login from anywhere), check the box beside Exclude from IP Address Filter.
  • Enter their address information, if desired.

Next you will come to the Employee Rights section. You can find more information about Employee Rights by clicking on this article - Employee Rights.

Once you finish the Employee Rights section click Save to save the new employee.


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