Updating Required Client and Patient Fields

The eVetPractice system by default only requires the client's first and last names when entering a new client. However, you may wish to require more fields so that a client record cannot be saved unless this information is obtained. In order to change the settings following the instructions below:


  • Navigate to the Setting section by clicking on the Gear Icon.
  • From there select "Data Fields"

  • This will bring you to a page where you can choose which fields should be required and which fields can be considered "Key Fields."

In any of the sections above you can Ctrl or Shift click multiple fields in order to choose which will be required.


These are the fields that you can have the system look at to see if the new client could possibly already be in your system. By default the system will look to see if there is an existing client with the same first and last name. You can add Email, Address, and Phone Number as well. If the system finds a duplicate you will get a warning message (shown below) asking if you want to create the new client anyway.

Conflicting fields are highlighted in yellow. The new client I added has the same phone number as the Lone Ranger and Lance Armstrong. They also had the same address as Lance Armstrong. When this screen pops up you can either click cancel and update the new client or see that they are already in the system and go to that record or you can click "Create Anyway" and you will have a new client despite these conflicts.



Here you can change which fields are required on the client and patient records. These fields will be shaded in yellow when you go to add a new client or patient and you will not be able to save the record unless they are filled in. 

When adding a new client and patient directly from the calendar only First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number are required for the client and Patient Name, Sex, Species, and Breed for the patient. Therefore, if you select that Address is required in the Data Fields section, you will not be able to use the quick add feature directly on the calendar to add new clients. You will need to go to the Client Management section and add the new client and pet there: Adding a New Client




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