Adding a New Client

Clients can be added one of two ways - directly in the Calendar or in the Client Management section.



This method is best used when a new client calls up and needs to quickly schedule an appointment. You will not be able to add all the client's information from this screen so it will need to be collected at a later point.

  • On the calendar screen, select the time the client has requested for an appointment. 
  • Fill out the Type and Description fields
  • Click on the "Click to quickly create client and patient" link.

  • Here you can add a new client or a new patient to an existing client by using the Client Search field at the top.

  • Click Save

You will now be able to save the calendar appointment and the client and patient will show up in Client Management and Patient Management respectively.



This method will allow you to collect more information and add multiple pets at a time.

  • Click on Clients in blue dashboard menu.

  • This will take you to the Client Management screen. From here click Add a New Client

  • Add all the client information on this screen. Remember that fields highlighted in yellow are required fields. You can update which fields are required in the Settings section of the system. (Specific fields are outlined below for your convenience).
  • Click save. Please note: You can click any of the save buttons on the client creation screen. Multiple save buttons are there for your convenience. Hitting any of these buttons will save all the information on the screen.
  • Once you click save you will be directly to the patient creation screen. Here you can enter all the patient's information.
  • Once all the information for the first patient is entered, you will have the following options:
  • Click the appropriate save button.


Client Management Client Fields

  • Allow login: If you are giving your clients access to the online portal you will want to check off this checkbox
  • Email welcome letter: If you have a welcome letter in the system and an email address for the client, then this checkbox will automatically send the client a welcome letter once the record is saved.
  • User Name: This will be the user name the client will use to log into the eVetPractice system. You will need to fill out this field if the client needs access to the online portal
  • Password: This defaults to the User Name. The client will be prompted to change their password after their first log in. For more information on configuring the client profile please use this article: Configuring the Client Portal
  • Do not email: This checkbox will allow you to store the client's email address, but not send the client any emails. This is most useful for clients who call and ask that you do not send them any more emails.
  • Do not send patient reminders: If you check off this box the client will not receive any patient reminders. This includes reminders generated by nightly tasks and they will not show up on the reminder report for distribution. 
  • Referral: This is where you can put down how the client heard about your practice. This can be configured as either a drop down list or a free form field.
  • Client Referral: This is where you can specify a certain current client that referred this client. To do so just start typing in the client's name and you should see their name appear below the search box where you can select them. This can later be pulled on a report so that you can track who your top referrers are.
  • Veterinary Clinic: This would be the referring clinic
  • Second Person's information: These fields will allow you to record the information of another person who is authorized to make decisions on the client's pets. Typically this will be a spouse or close family member.
  • Phone information: Here you can include up to 3 phone numbers and mark which one is the default phone. You can also indicate if it is SMS enabled. If the phone is SMS enabled and you are sending text messages through the system, these SMS messages would be sent to the SMS enabled phone number on the client's record. 


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