Wellness Plans Overview


A wellness plan is a group of services (procedures/inventory items/labs) that can be provided to a patient over time, normally 365 days.  Wellness plans can be sold to the pet owner up front and then the services that are a part of that plan are given at no cost throughout the duration of the plan, or they may pay in installments over the course of the plan with all services available as soon as the plan is added to the patient's record. 

The wellness plan allows the clinic to track which services have been given to the patient and which services still need to be given.  The wellness plan also allows the clinic to know how much the client has paid and how much they still owe on the plan. 

If your clinic allows clients to pay off their balances over time and is an integrated payment processing solution, eVetPractice allows you to store their credit card information and set up automatic bill pay for future payments.  For more information about eVetPractice's integrated payment processing solutions, please see:

Bluefin Integration

Vantiv Integration

Gravity Integration

Only one wellness plan can be active for a single patient record.

 Wellness Plan Setup

By default, wellness plans are not enabled.  To enable, you can go to Settings, then under Miscellaneous Settings, there is an option to enable wellness plans.  Checking the option and saving will allow you to setup and use wellness plans. 

Once enabled, you can then create wellness plans under the Packages menu option. 

When editing a package, there is an option under General Information that allows you to indicate to the system that the package should be treated as a wellness plan. 

Once that option is checked, you then have the ability to configure more settings for that wellness plan.

Production override – allows you to indicate what production amount should be given to the provider when the wellness plan is paid for.

Plan duration in days – allows you to specify how long the plan is active.  The default is 365 days. 

Out of plan discount – allows you to specify whether the pet owner receives a discount on other services if they are currently enrolled in this wellness plan.  The discounting still obeys the rules of exclude from percentage discounts that can be placed on individual items and packages.

You then can add services to the plan as you would do with general packages.  There is an additional column shown for wellness plans that allows you to specify the production amount for each item. 

This is useful if the item’s price is zeroed out, but the provider should get a certain amount anyway. 

Another useful scenario, is to give providers credit for wellness plan services as they are performed and not all to the provider who sold the plan. (Ex. zero production amount on the package level and production amount on each individual item)

Once you are done, just save as you normally would.  The wellness plan is now ready to be used.

 Adding to Record

You will now see a new section labeled Wellness Plans.  To add a wellness plan, click the blue link “Add Wellness Plan”. 


You will then be prompted to select which plan to add.  Clicking the green plus sign will add the wellness plan to the patient’s record and the system will take you to the wellness plan edit screen.


 Managing Wellness Plan

Viewing Details

You can edit the wellness plan by clicking the edit pencil on the wellness plan section located on the medical record page.  The wellness plan section also shows you the details of the active plan including expiration and amounts included and used.  The section will also show you inactive plans, but will not show you the details of that plan.  To view the details of inactive plans, just click the edit pencil.  You can remove a plan from here as well.


A patient with an active wellness plan will also show a new image to indicate the patient is on a wellness plan.


Their patient highlights will also show the active plan which includes the start and expiration.


Clicking the wellness plan name will take you to the wellness plan edit page. You will also see the wellness plan symbol next to the treatment item in the medical record.


Editing Wellness Plan

Once you click the pencil to edit, you can adjust the start and end date of the plan and you can also change the provider associated to the plan.  The provider of the plan will be locked in if the package level item has already been paid.  Only Business Owner/Manager can change the provider after the package level item has been paid (same as for treatment items).

The wellness plan page will show you the cost of the plan, the amount paid, and the amount remaining to pay.  You can add a charge to the client’s account by clicking the green plus symbol next to amount remaining.  This allows you to split pay for the wellness plan (ex. monthly).


You can also adjust the quantity included in the plan and add the item from this plan to the patient’s treatment record.  The system will keep track of what quantity has been used and what is included.  When the quantity has been used, the system will charge the normal price and not the wellness plan price.

The system will also handle scenarios of removing an unpaid wellness plan item, declining a wellness plan item, and returning a paid wellness plan item.  These should be rare scenarios, but possible.


You are not required to add services from the wellness plan page.  You can still add services through quick invoicing and the treatment page as usual and the system will handle associating the services to the wellness plan allotments. 

However, if you add a service outside of the wellness plan page and that service has a quantity that exceeds the allotments, the entire quantity will be discounted at the wellness plan amount.  This should not occur very often as the typical items included in a wellness plan are generally whole amounts and not fractional amounts.

Ex. Wellness Plan A includes 5 cans of dog food.  The pet owner has already picked up 4 cans at an earlier point.  They come back in and want 2 more cans.  If you add the item from outside the wellness plan page, the system will consider both cans as part of the plan and give the same discount for both cans.  If you add from the wellness plan page, the system will present a warning indicating the staff member that they are exceeding the allotment.

In either scenario, the allotment of cans will be fulfilled and no more discounting at the plan price will be given going forward.  The best way to handle this is to add the cans twice, both with a single quantity.  The system will take the first added to fulfill the wellness plan and the second will be charged at the normal or out of plan discount price.

 Enabling Credit Card Information Storage

The system will allow you to store credit card information for clients who wish to pay over time if you are using an integrated payment processing solution. To enable this option please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu by clicking on the Gear Icon
  • Click on the Payments tab
  • Scroll down to the Payment System Settings (note: your account must already be enabled).
  • Check the box to "Allow for storing of tokenized cards."
  • Click Save.mceclip8.png

Storing Client Credit Card Information

To store a client's credit card information for future use you have two options.

From Manage Stored Cards:

  • Navigate to the client's profile
  • Scroll down to the Account Balance section and click “Manage Stored Cards”.mceclip9.png
  • Click Add/Update a Card to add or update an existing card
  • You will then choose the card type and swipe the card on terminal like you do during checkout. If the card is not present you can manually type the information into the credit card terminal.
  • Click Authorize and Store
  • Once completed, you will be brought back to the list of cards
  • A card is automatically given a name and that name is the name on the card, the card brand type (MASTERCARD, AMEX, VISA, etc.) along with the last 4 digits of the card.

From Checkout:

  • During checkout, you will have an additional option to store the card after the card is used to process the current transaction.mceclip10.png
  • By checking this option, the card will be stored with the client record and can be used for future transactions.

 Using Stored Card for Transactions

You will check out the exact same way you currently do except the stored cards for only that client will show up in the Payment Type drop down list. Choose the correct card and process as you normally would.

 Using Stored Card for Recurring Wellness Plan Payments

  • Navigate to the patient’s medical record
  • Scroll down to the Wellness Plan section and edit the wellness plan. Please note you must add the wellness plan first.
  • You will see a new section called Payment Plan Schedule. Check the box to enable the payment planmceclip11.png
  • A section will appear below where you can choose the customer’s stored card to use for future payments
  • Enter the number of payments you want to occur in the payment plan. The system will then calculate the amount that should be spread across that number of payments.
  • Click the “Add Payments” option to pre-populate the dates and amounts
  • You can adjust the dates and/or amounts as needed.mceclip12.png
  • Once done, click Save Payment Plan


Notification of Credit Card Failures

If a payment plan schedule fails to process, the clinic will be sent an email with the list of cards that failed to process. The email address used is the clinic’s email address in the General Information section under the Gear Icon.


There are two reports available to help you manage your wellness plans. 

  1. Wellness Plan Report - allows you to find all wellness plan members and their total price, amount paid, amount still owed, start of plan, expiration of plan, and provider of plan.
  2. Payment Plan Report - allows you to see error transactions, processed transactions, and scheduled transactions.  This report should be run on a semi regular basis and corrections to the failed transactions should occur by a staff member manually. If it is a card failure (decline, etc.), you will need to get a new card from the customer and update eVetPractice.  If changes are made, make sure to update the payment schedule so that the missed payment’s date is in the future.

Both reports can be run under the standard reporting menu (Home, then Reports).  Both are also restricted by employee rights.

 Additional Options

There are also two merge fields (%wellnessplan% and %wellnessplandetails%) that allow you to place the active wellness plan details on to a receipt or any other patient related document. 

The %wellnessplan% field includes the wellness plan name, start date, expiration date, cost of plan, and savings to date.


The %wellnessplandetails% field includes all the information from the merge field above, but also includes a list of each item, the quantity included and the quantity used.



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