Creating & Distributing Your Reminders Quick Guide

The first step to ensuring your clients and patients follow up for their ongoing services is to create reminders that can be distributed through the system either manually or automatically.  To do this, you must first create reminders attached to your billable items.

Click the Settings Gear icon, then select either Inventory, Procedures or Labs depending on the type of item that you wish to set a reminder for.



Find the item that you wish to set the reminder for in your list of items, then click the edit "pencil" icon next to it to go into the settings for that item.




In the Settings window for the item, scroll down to the Reminders section. Note that any already existing reminders that have been setup for this item will appear in the table within that section.  To add a new reminder, click the "Add Reminder" link on the right side of that section.





***Tip, do not limit you range of activity by setting all three date fields to the same date.  The owner may not ever receive a reminder if you are not distributing extremely often.

It is also important to click Reminder Associations to determine whether this item should satisfy a reminder created by another billable item.  For example, a one year vaccination’s reminder satisfying the previous puppy vaccination’s reminder.

Once you have set up you reminders, you can then configure your Reminder Setup (Email, Postcard, or SMS), Nightly Task email templates, or both.

Reminder Templates

These will be used when manually distributing your reminders through the reminder report.




Nightly Tasks

This template will be used to send the automatic, system generated email reminders for General, Wellness, and Recheck Reminders.  The system will poll the system early each morning and send reminders that have come to their set “When to Remind?” date on the billable item.  You can also choose to send a second notice if desired.



Once your template is created, be sure to set the reminder Task to an Active status.

Manually Distributing Reminders

To manually distribute your reminders, you will need to generate a Patient Reminder Report.  Click on Reports from the main landing page.

Click the edit pencil for the Patient Reminder Report-> New Run-> then set you filters and parameters and click Generate.


Once the report has generated, you will see a list of all patients with reminders in the time frame you have chosen along with the reminders, the due date, and whether they have been sent previously.  You will have the option to view how they have been distributed through the Distribute Logs link or you can chose to Distribute List.

Next you will choose which type of distribution method you want to use (Email, Text, or Postcard) by selecting on of the templates you have already created and checking the appropriate boxes next to the clients based on the options they have to receive them.  Hit Process.

If the client does not have the required demographic information for a particular method, it will not show as a distribution option.

You can then review the Communication Log to look for any processing errors.


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