Configuring Calendar Settings

The calendar on your site allows you the flexibility to organize your schedule most effectively for your particular practice. In order to update your calendar settings click on the Gear Icon to go to the Settings screen. This will take you to the General tab. Scroll down to Calendar Settings and click on the words to expand the section:

  • Minutes Interval - This is the number of minutes between lines in your calendar. For example if you set it for 15, then you would have lines on your calendar at 9, 9:15, 9:30, 10, etc.
  • Default View - This allows you to choose the view your calendar will default to when you first open the calendar section of the site. Once you're in the calendar section you can manually change the view by clicking on the new view in the top right corner of the calendar.
  • Default Appointment Type - This is the default appointment type that you will see on the calendar view. We recommend setting this to "Show All" so you can see all your scheduled appointments. 
  • Default Appointment Type used for creation - This is the default appointment type that will be used when you create an appointment directly on the calendar.
  • Default Primary Provider used for creation
  • Automatically collapse calendar - This will keep your calendar minimized unless you expressly open the calendar. This is not recommended if you use the calendar for appointment scheduling.
  • Disable appointment scheduling - This will remove the calendar entirely. The client search page will become the system landing page instead.
  • Show flat list of appointments - This will show a list of all in process or not yet started appointments on the current calendar view in a list above the calendar.
  • Automatically expand flat list of appointments - If the above check box is selected and this one is not, the flat list will be collapsed by default. This will change the default setting to expanded.
  • Enable resource view - this allows you to set the calendar to show appointments by provider. This is very useful in a practice with multiple providers.
  • Send email to primary provider when appointment is scheduled - This will let the provider know of any appointments scheduled on their behalf.
  • Send SMS to client when appointment is scheduled - This will send the client a text message and allow them to add the appointment to their calendar.
  • Check for conflicting appointments when creating or saving (boarding is excluded)? - This helps when you are directly scheduling an appointment in the patient's record and cannot see the calendar.
  • Calendar start time (week/day/resource view)? - This is the time the day will start. Not available for monthly view. 
  • Calendar end time (week/day/resource view)? - This is the time the day will end. Not available for monthly view. 
  • Show option to copy appointment description to medical record during appointment creation? - This will allow you to quickly update the patient's medical record with a reason for visit directly from the appointment scheduling screen.
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