End of Year Reports

At the end of the year many people would like to know what Evetpractice recommends they should do to prepare for the upcoming year.  

The list below is a suggestion of the reports that should be run at the end of the year.  

Sales Report

*When running the Sales Report for the year it is recommended not to include any breakdowns simply because that can cause the report generation to take an exponentially longer amount of time.   If you want to include any breakdown options when running the Sales Report it is recommended to run the Sales Report for each month of the year and including the breakdown in those reports.

For total sales, run a new report for desired time frame and include the Cash Summary. If  you need tax totals as well, include the Tax Summary in your report run.

Accounts Receivable Report

To get a list of the entire amount due, uncheck the 'use date range' and set the overdue period to all. It is recommended to run this as close to January 1st as possible. If you forget to run it at that time, you can run it with a date range with the end date of 1/1.

Inventory Report

A scheduled run for the Inventory Report will be automatically inserted into your practice to record the on hand inventory on 1/1.

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