Invoicing by Farm/Boarding Stable/Trainer

eVetPractice allows you to create 0% owners so that you can invoice under one location and/or person, but have the entirety of the bill go towards the correct owner without having to invoice under that client directly. Here are some examples where this is helpful:

  • Boarding stables where many different clients keep their horses
  • Trainers who use your practice for all their clients
  • Farms who have personal vs. company animals but want to invoice in one location

While this is most common for equine clients, these concepts could potentially be applied in multiple areas.



  • Add the farm/boarding stable/trainer as a new client if they do not already exist in your system. You do not need to enter a pet for the client at this time. Please note: You will need to split the farm's name between the first and last name fields when creating it as a new client as they are both required. For more information please see this article - Adding a New Client
  • Navigate to the patient's record.
  • Click on the patient's General Information tab and expand the General Information section.


  • Click on "Change" next to Owner (as shown above).
  • Click Add New Owner


  • Search for the farm/boarding stable/trainer that was previously added and then click "Add."


  • Leave the newly added "owner" with 0% ownership and click Save.


You can add as many 0% owners as you need to. This is useful with training environments when the patient could potentially be invoiced out under the stable, trainer, farrier, actual owner, etc. Add the 0% owner to all patients that should be available for invoicing under them.



  • Navigate to the 0% owner's client profile and then Quick Invoicing section.


  • Invoice as normal, but notice that when you click "Check Out" at the bottom of the Quick Invoicing section and are directed to the Make Payment screen, the 0% owner will show that they do not owe any money, but if you navigate to the actual owner's account the system will reflect that they owe for all charges for their particular animal(s) in their Account Balance section.


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