Complete vs. Incomplete in Treatment Items

Completion status

All inventory items, procedures, and labs, within the treatment item details, have an “Is Complete” checkbox that can be checked and saved.   This checkbox is there to indicate whether or not the items have been administered or performed on the patient.   In this way, you can add items to a treatment ahead of time, before the actual work has been performed, and then mark the items as complete after the work has been performed.

Treatment Page:

Quick Invoicing page:

In addition to the checkbox within the treatment item details, there is also a visual indicator on the treatment, on the invoice, and on the medical record, that shows whether or not the item has been completed.   This indicator looks like a colored checkmark next to the item on the treatment, medical record, or invoice.

  • White – a white checkmark indicates that the treatment items is incomplete
  • Blue – a blue checkmark icon indicates the treatment item is complete.

NOTE:  In the medical record, the white and blue icons will only display in the View by Date and View by Groups view.  The indicators will not be present in the View by Date with Details view.

Treatment Page:

Medical Record (View by Date):


Invoice detail on the Client Page:

Other things affected by completion status

In addition to the completion status serving as an indicator to your staff that work has been finished, the completion status also affects several other things in the software.

  • Vaccination logs – Vaccination Log entries are not created until the item is marked as complete.
  • Some reports have an option to filter the results based on whether the item is complete or not.
    • Usage Report
    • Veterinary Services Delivered (VSD) report

Usage Report:

Default completion status based on method of adding item to treatment

When an item is first added to a patient treatment, the completion status will either default to incomplete or complete, depending on the method in which it was added to the treatment.

Default status of complete

  • Quick Invoicing page – All inventory items, procedures, and labs added from the Quick Invoicing screen will be automatically flagged as complete.
  • Treatment page -- Any inventory item, procedure, or lab added via the “All-in-One” search at the top of the treatment page will be automatically flagged as complete.
  • Treatment page - Within each arch-category section on the treatment page  (Inventory Items section, Procedures section, or Labs section), you have the ability to browse items after selecting a category, then adding the item by clicking the green “+” icon next to the item.  Any treatment item added in this way will also be automatically flagged as complete.

Default status of incomplete

  • Converting an estimate – Any time an estimate is converted to a treatment, all items on that estimate will automatically default to incomplete
  • Treatment page – Adding an item using the “Search” at the top of each arch category section (the search at the top of the inventory items section, procedures section, or labs section, not the “All-in-One” Search at the very top of the treatment page), will add the item defaulted to incomplete.
  • Exam Forms – If an exam form for a species is linked to a procedure, when the exam form is added to the patient MR, the linked procedure will also be added to a treatment and will default to incomplete.
  • Medical Record - The resulting treatment item when you are refilling a medication from the patient's Prescription History tab.


Changing completion status on a treatment item

Using the “Is Complete” checkbox

On the treatment page, you may click the description of the item to expand the treatment details for that item. There you will see the “Is Complete” checkbox.   You may check or uncheck this box and save, to mark the item as complete or incomplete respectively.

Clicking the white checkmark icon

On any screen where a white checkmark can be seen next to the treatment item, the white checkmark may be clicked to toggle the completion status to complete (green checkmark).  However, you cannot click a green checkmark to mark the item back to incomplete.  To change the completion status of an item already marked as complete, you must uncheck the “Is Complete” checkbox in the treatment item details, either on the treatment page, or within the Quick Invoicing screen, and save.

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