Setting or Changing the Practice Logo

Setting the logo for your practice

To add your practice’s logo to eVetPractice, you must first have an image of your logo that is the proper size and format.  The file must be an image file in one of the following formats:

  • JPEG or JPG
  • PNG
  • BMP

Currently, the size must be smaller or equal to the following dimensions in pixels:

225 w x 106 H

Height NEEDS to be between 100min to 150max.

Note that if you use a size larger than this, the system will resize and crop the image to fit the above size. But it may not do so in a way that is desirable, so it is recommended that you edit your image to how you would like it to look within the size restrictions, before uploading it into eVetPractice.  You can use any photo editor to resize the image, such as Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, or IRFanView.  For instructions on how to shrink, resize, or crop images, please refer to your chosen photo editor’s help files.

Once finished resizing, you must then upload the image of the logo into your practice documents.  This can be done from the “Settings – General” page.  From there, you may click either the “Add Document” link in the “Documents” section at the bottom, or you may click the “Add Logo” link in the “General Information” section. 

Once you have clicked one of the two links, a window will be displayed where you can give the document a name, browse to the location of the logo image file stored on the computer, and upload it. You should not enable the “Is Public” checkbox.  This checkbox is what makes a particular document available to be downloaded by your staff by clicking the “Practice Documents” icon at the top of eVetPractice.  Thus, that option is not typically used for logos.


Once you have uploaded the logo image file to your practice documents, you will see it in your documents list.

Now that the logo image file has been uploaded to your practice documents, you must tell the system that you wish to use this document for your practice logo.  To do this, you will go to the top of the general settings page, to the “General Information” section. There you will see a drop-down that reads “Practice Logo”. Click this dropdown, and then choose the document representing your logo image that you just uploaded.  Then press the save button at the bottom of the screen.  

Once saved, the practice logo will appear at the top of eVetPractice on all pages.

Updating the logo for your practice 

If your practice logo has changed, and you would like to change the logo that appears at the top of eVetPractice, you can do this through two different methods:

  1. You may upload a new practice document with the new logo, and set it to the current practice logo in the General Information section, as described above.


  2. You may edit the existing practice document that contains your logo, and upload the new logo to the existing document.

If you are utilizing your existing logo in other document or email templates, it is recommended that you update the existing document with the new logo, (Option 2 above), as this will cause all document templates to use the new logo without the need of editing your existing document templates to use the new logo, as would be required if using a new practice document to store the new log (Option 1 above).

To upload your new logo to the existing practice document, find your logo practice document at the bottom of the “Settings – General” page.  Click the edit pencil to edit the document:

This will display the “Edit Document” page.   From this page, click the “Browse…” button to browse to the location of your new logo, and after selecting the new logo, click the “Save” button. 

After doing so, your practice logo will be updated to the new logo, and any previous email or document templates utilizing the old logo will now use the new logo as well. There will be no need to edit the individual templates to change the logo being used.

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