November 2017 - Software Updates

Below is a list of enhancements that have been added to the system recently.  You can always access updates to eVetPractice by going to "Help" in eVetPractice and searching for "Enhancements".  If you have any questions regarding the updates, please do not hesitate to contact us by chat, phone, or email.  Thank you for your suggestions and feedback. 

Appointment Confirmation Email

  • We have added the ability to email the pet owner when an appointment is made.  To enable this functionality, go to Settings > Email Templates, and create your template. 


  • Once the template is created, go to Settings, expand Calendar settings, and select the option "Send email to client when appointment is scheduled?".  Then select the "Email Template used for client email".  Save your changes.  If the client has a valid email address, the client will be sent an email when the appointment is scheduled.


Groomer Role

  • The Groomer role can now be set as a Provider.  To enable this option, go to Settings, expand the Miscellaneous Settings section, and select the option "Allow groomers to be a provider".


  • Then select the "Provider" option under the employees profile.


Groomer Resource View

  • We have added a Groomer Resource View to the Calendar.  To enable the Groomer View, go to Settings, expand the Calendar section and select the "Enable groomer resource view".


  • Once enabled, you will see the "grooming" view option on the Calendar.


National Bio Vet  Integration

Referral Merge Fields Added

  • We have added referral merge fields to be used on Referral Letter templates.  Data for the latest referral will be merged if a specific referral is not provided.  Specifying a referral still occurs through the referral letter as it has in the past.


Smart Flow

  • Weight entries entered in Smart Flow will now be entered in to eVetPractice as a weight entry instead of a medical record note entry.


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